10-year-old boy has a fleet of cars to envy


10-year-old boy has a fleet of cars to envy
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In Nigeria, there is a ten-year-old boy who owns a dream fleet, with very expensive and luxurious pieces by Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. The lucky one is Mompha Juniorson of one of the most famous investors in the world.

In Mompha Junior’s personal car park, there are pieces to be envied by collectors of luxury cars. One of these, for example, is the Lamborghini Aventador, a very expensive supercar (almost 350,000 euros in the list) which is no longer part of the brand’s production lines. There Aventador of the little Mompha boasts a 6.5-liter V12 engine with an output of 700hp.

The 10-year-old boy with a collection of cars to envy

Going to admire Mompha Junior’s extraordinary collection of cars, one also discovers one Bentley Flying Spur: a luxury sedan with a 4-liter V8 engine and an output of 550 hp. The Bentley Flying Spur has a list price of around 216,000 euros.

Every self-respecting car collector, in his garage, cannot fail to have one Ferrari: the Rossa di Maranello perhaps represents the maximum aspiration for every motor enthusiast, for its history, for its tradition and for the unmistakable style of its models.

Little Mompha, among his racing cars, boasts one Ferrari 488 GTB, produced by the House of the Prancing Horse in 2015 as heir to the 458. The Ferrari 488 GTB is a two-seater car with an 8-cylinder engine arranged in a V with a displacement of 3,902 cm3. The engine of this Rossa is mounted in a central position with rear-wheel drive: the maximum power is 670 Hp at 8,000 rpm, while the maximum torque is 760 Nm.

The Ferrari 488 GTB present in the Mompha Junior collection was replaced in 2019 by its evolution, the Ferrari F8 tribute, a car that a year later was nominated as the best import coupe with a price of over 150,000 euros over the course of the Sport Auto Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the automotive sector.

In the Mompha Junior car park, like Cristiano Ronaldo’s car collection, there are several models of Rolls-Roycea brand of excellence of luxury cars that has always been the object of desire of the wealthiest collectors in the world.

Mompha junior, the baby car collector

The question arises: how does a ten-year-old child own cars of this kind? The answer is quite simple: the father is one of the investors most famous on the planet. His success was extraordinary and allowed him to accumulate wealth to no end.

The father, once successful, decided to give a comfortable life to his children. Mompha Juior is not only the owner of an amazing fleet of cars, but she also owns a private jet and dream villas in the most evocative places in the world.

Mompha Junior, in addition to enjoying the benefits of his wealthy family, tries to make the most of his life status, obtaining all the possible advantages. Despite his tender age he became a influencer very popular. On Instagram, for example, he posts daily photos showing his lifestyle to the people of the web, posting snapshots of him wearing designer clothes and even posing with some of his luxury cars.


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