2022 fashion bonus, when it expires and to whom it is addressed: what you need to know


2022 fashion bonus, when it expires and to whom it is addressed: what you need to know
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From 10 May applications will be open to request the 2022 fashion bonus, relating to inventories for the tax period in progress as at 31 December 2021. Compared to the provisions of Sostegni Decree Ter, the resources available for 2022 for commercial businesses in the fashion sector have been updated and strengthened. The total thus comes to 250 million euroswith the parallel expansion of the number of companies that will be able to benefit from it.

What is the fashion bonus and how to apply

The Revenue Agency has issued an official note to illustrate the rationale behind the measure. “In order to support companies active in the textile and fashion, footwear and leather goods industries, the Relaunch Decree has provided for a tax credit to the extent of 30% of the value of final warehouse inventoriesexceeding the average of the same value recorded in the three years preceding that of the benefit “.

The companies mentioned have until the deadline of 10 June to claim the benefits provided by the Government. The first time window to request the fashion and textile bonus closed on November 22, 2021, while the second is hoped for May 10, 2022.

To submit the application you must use the model updated to 6 May made available by the Revenue Agency. The new version of the text was prepared following the approval of the general self-declaration model of compliance with the requirements of Temporary Framework. The communication must be presented electronically directly by the beneficiary or through a person in charge of transmitting the returns through the electronic channels of the Revenue Agency (here instead we talked about the new 200 bonus: who is excluded).

The conditions for accessing the fashion bonus

To be eligible for the bonus, it is necessary to have registered a increase of the value from the final warehouse inventories compared to the average of the value of closing stocks recorded in the three previous tax periods (news from May also for the furniture bonus: it changes again). As reported Ipsoathe main conditions are essentially three:

  • the method and criteria applied for the valuation of the final inventories must be homogeneous with respect to those used in the three tax periods considered for the purposes of the average;
  • companies not subject to statutory auditing of accounts and without a board of statutory auditors must make use of a certification of the consistency of inventories, issued by a statutory auditor or by an auditing company;
  • for subjects with certified financial statements, the checks are carried out on the basis of the financial statements.

Which Ateco codes are allowed

In addition to the activities indicated in the Implementing Decree of the Mise, therefore, companies in the sector that carry out activities identified by the following codes of the classification of economic activities can also apply for the 2022 bonus:

  • subjects carrying out business activities operating in industry textile and of fashionfrom the production footwear and of leather goods. The admissible activities are exclusively those identified by the Ministry of Economic Development with the decree of 27 July 2021. These are in particular the following codes referred to in the Ateco classification: 13.20.00; 13.30.00; 13.91.00; 13.92.10; 13.92.20; 13.93.00; 13.94.00; 13.95.00; 13.96.10; 13.96.20; 13.99.10; 13.99.20; 13.99.90; 14.11.00; 14.12.00; 14.13.10; 14.13.20; 14.14.00; 14.19.10; 14.19.21; 14.19.29; 14.20.00; 14.31.00; 14.39.00; 15.11.00; 15.12.01; 15.12.09; 15.20.10; 15.20.20; 16.29.11; 16.29.12; 20.42.00; 20.59.60; 32.12.10; 32.12.20; 32.13.01; 32.13.09; 32.50.50; 32.99.20;
  • companies operating in the sector of trade of the textile productsfrom the fashionof the footwear and of leather goods who carry out activities identified by the following Ateco 2007 codes: 47.51, 47.71, 47.72.

The code can be prevalent or non-prevalent. In the presence of several activities, the code corresponding to the activity considered to be prevalent must be considered.


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