3 natural remedies and fruit to avoid to soothe this annoying skin disorder that gets worse with sweat in summer


3 natural remedies and fruit to avoid to soothe this annoying skin disorder that gets worse with sweat in summer
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Sweating a lot in the summer can be irritating. And not only for a relational question, but also because the dermatological problems already present often worsen.

Unfortunately, wearing light-colored clothing made of natural fabrics helps, but to a certain extent. The temperatures reached so far leave little room for the prospect of a cool and moderate summer. Skin diseases with a chronic or recurrent course, especially if characterized by skin inflammation and peeling, tend to recur. And they often reappear in their most gory version, accompanied by an unpleasant itch. Needless to say, scratching yourself only makes the situation worse.

Fortunately, there are 3 natural remedies and fruit to avoid to soothe the redness and find relief. In fact, those who develop this kind of chronic dermatological disorders, which often originate in psychosomatics, must adopt specific measures. Once contracted, psoriasis never leaves the individual. It fades and disappears, ready to return in periods of high stress and a decline in the immune system. It is also related to intestinal dysfunction. The combination of sweat and heat, in summer, can make it really unbearable.

Psoriasis mostly affects the adult population of both sexes. The dermatologist carries out the diagnostics with a simple visit, since it is an extremely common and recognizable disorder.

Popular tradition also links a greater onset of psoriasis to full moon nights, when the tides and energies are amplified.

Aside from that, reducing the symptoms of this disorder could be simple, using naturopathy. Often, in relapsing cases, it is the dermatologists themselves who propose alternative treatments, natural remedies and functional behaviors to adopt.

3 natural remedies and fruit to avoid to soothe this annoying skin disorder that gets worse with sweat in summer

Psoriasis treatment should start with nutrition. In fact, there are some offending foods that tend to increase skin rashes. Solanaceae, also banned in macrobiotics, are not recommended because they are considered irritants. So beware of tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines. Even aphrodisiac but allergenic foods such as strawberries, shellfish, squid and alcohol should be moderate.

Carbonated soft drinks, white flour and refined sugars should be avoided. These are acidifying foods, which unbalance the body’s pH towards an acid value.

To counteract the excess acidity of the pH, responsible for the inflammation that is then reflected in psoriasis, basifying remedies should be adopted. Of all the known ones, the best known and most affordable is the classic glass of lukewarm water with lemon in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Possibly, on the market there are also specific supplements based on citrates, with basifying effects on the pH.

Whichever option is chosen, it is imperative to perform these gestures during awakening, fasting, to enhance its effects.

It is important to deeply purify your body, to minimize the new onset of psoriasis. The organs to focus on are the colon and the liver. For colon cleansing, it is good to get into the habit of doing some home enema every now and then. To regenerate the liver, on the other hand, it is sufficient to abolish alcohol and take herbal remedies. It is excellent to prefer the consumption of artichokes but also of herbal teas based on dandelion, horsetail, turmeric and nettle.

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