4 tricks that will never lose weight to those who adopt them who could lose weight with this secret


4 tricks that will never lose weight to those who adopt them who could lose weight with this secret
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After yet another binge of crap, we looked in the mirror, or we weighed ourselves and despair assailed us. We are just a month away from the costume fitting and the waist and belly frighten us. We have two solutions. The first is to go covered on the beach or by the pool and never undress. The second solution is to adopt a truly effective strategy to lose the extra pounds and get back in shape quickly.

The biggest mistake anyone who wants to lose weight quickly can make is to rely on shortcuts. In the following lines we will discover the 4 tricks that are not only ineffective, but waste precious time to reach the goal. These are the famous false myths, the tricks that are often read on the web or perhaps even in print or suggested by a friend.

The first thing to do for those who want to lose the pounds more easily and reduce the waistline is to adopt an effective strategy and follow it. A strategy is all the more necessary the more the time available is reduced. You can lose many kilos even in a few weeks, the important thing is to be clear about what needs to be done. To build a winning strategy that really makes you lose weight, you need to follow 3 basic steps.

4 tricks that will never lose weight to those who adopt them who could lose weight with this secret

The first false myth is to consider the calories assimilated during the day as the only reference parameter. It is easy for everyone to understand that there is a big difference between getting 1,500 calories from just eating sweets or a balanced diet. Even in a diet aimed at reducing weight, a varied and balanced diet is essential. Our body needs all the nutrients such as carbohydrates, fibers, proteins, but also fats as well as vitamins and minerals.

Another big myth about fats is that by eliminating fat from your diet you can lose weight. In reality, lipids are indispensable for our organism, which it is unable to produce. So fats must necessarily be introduced into our body through food. In a balanced diet, you don’t have to eliminate fats but select the good ones. For example, it is necessary to assimilate the omega 3 and eliminate the bad ones, the saturated ones. These fats, in addition to making you gain weight, increase the risk of raising the level of bad cholesterol.

On the market there are more and more so-called gluten-free products, i.e. gluten-free. These elements have been produced specifically for those suffering from celiac disease or gluten sensibility. Yet some think gluten-free foods are a quick fix for weight loss. Instead it is exactly the opposite because gluten-free foods are low in fiber and therefore reduce the sense of satiety. Not only that, these are also higher in carbohydrates and calories than foods with gluten. So gluten-free foods in the long run could more easily lead to weight gain.

Physical activity helps to lose weight but not to jump…. the meal

Another common misconception is that skipping a meal helps you lose weight. Probably in the very short term eating once less a day could reduce the weight, but in the long run the weight is regained. It is not true that those who want to lose weight must be hungry. Adopting a balanced diet leads to a progressive reduction in calorie intake without leaving hunger pangs.
To reduce the sense of hunger some foods are recommended more than others to increase the sense of satiety.

Finally, it is also necessary to be aware that to reduce weight faster, a balanced diet must be combined with regular physical activity. Exercising regularly during the week helps to increase our metabolism. This increase helps our body to consume more calories even when the body is at rest. This is the secret that could help you lose weight faster. So here are 4 tricks that won’t make you lose weight but are very famous.

It is not necessary to do strenuous sports, sometimes a regular walk or run is enough. There are 5 tricks that can be adopted while walking that help increase calorie burn. Everyone can increase the walking time during the day by eliminating the use of means of transport as much as possible. In addition, more or less everyone returning from work can carve out half an hour to take a little jog or a brisk walk. Especially now with the longer days.


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