A 43,000-tree-long green bypass against smog and noise


A 43,000-tree-long green bypass against smog and noise
Written by aquitodovale

They call them the hidden emissions. But in reality it is an emergency that can be seen and, above all, felt. Or, better: she breathes. And not only for the cocktail of pollutants resulting from traffic, from farms and factories but also for the thud of thousands of trees partially cut off – more in past years than today – by urbanization and land consumption and, in part, by the concreteness of the climate crisis, made up of arrogant storms and record temperatures from year to year.

The trees, the woods, the forests are a treasure that must not only be safeguarded but on which to continue to bet. Why the deforestation increases carbon emissions by up to 5% (the key example is the Amazon) and deforestation can spike emissions of CO2 up to 3.8%, as explained in the study published in April in Nature Communications. That’s why they call them “Hidden emissions”: because they are not the ones that come out of fireplaces or cars. They are the ones that are not absorbed by trees.

Land in “red code”

Climate crisis, loss of biodiversity, pollution and landfills are proof that the Earth is in “red code”. The way out of all this? Transforming our economies and societies to make them more inclusive, equitable and connected with the environment and nature. What is being done is undoubtedly not enough, but Brescia is tryingStep by step.

And today, in the World Environment Day whose slogan is “Only one Earth”, we want to tell some of these small steps. Starting right from a small piece of reforestation.

A “smog eater” corridor

The idea has been talked about for years and years, but it will finally be translated into practice. The arrival of 43 thousand trees provided by Ersaf (regional agency for agricultural and forestry services) will create one in Brescia “South green ring road” which for about 7.5 kilometers will run parallel to that traced by the asphalt. It will be a green “smog-eater” corridor, it will shore up the route starting from the autumn of this year and its mission will also be to exile the noise of traffic, enemy number two (after fine dust) of those who live in the neighborhoods wind close to the great artery. A good example of teamwork in the name of the environment conducted in tandem by the Region and the Province with the agreement of the Lodge.

On the one hand, Lombardy with the guidance of the councilor for Green, Fabio Rolfi, transferred the funds (4 million euros) and made available the expertise of Ersaf which will provide what is necessary to create this large urban mitigation forest. environmental. On the other hand, the Broletto, under the direction of Guido Galperti, took care of the technical implementation of the project and will work with local operators for planting the plants and for maintenance. A starting point, certainly not a point of arrival, but certainly a good practice that can lead the way for other similar operations.

This agreement should be replicated everywhere – confirms Rolfi -. The next step could be the Tangenziale Ovest, but also the agricultural areas in the Sin Caffaro: the forest is the future, we must believe in it ». Especially now that the council led by Emilio Del Bono has set in motion the great machine of reclamation in the industrial citadel, the epicenter of the disaster, while the rehabilitation of public parks continues, coordinated by the Environment Department which sees the reins entrusted to Miriam Cominelli .

A path, that of attention to the environment, which it doesn’t have to stop, seizing every opportunity from time to time. Like the one that the Region will always offer in the summer: “There will be 10 million euros up for grabs to finance new urban forests in large centers so as to concentrate them in areas where pollution continues to poison the air” announces Rolfi.

The choices

There is no doubt that collective awareness has increased in recent years with respect to protecting the environment. But the choices to be effective need to be courageous and concrete. It is a battle of contemporary civilization in which the rights and duties of citizens, traditions and economies overlap. Because on the one hand, individuals have the unquestionable right to have their health protected by their respective administrations (local, regional, national) – closely linked and interconnected to the environment – through rules, regulations and provisions that are capable of attacking the ‘pollution and, therefore, to encourage green goods and services.

But on the other the citizens have, first of all, the duty not to pollute, to respect the environmentdisseminate studies and knowledge to multiply awareness and pursue the sustainable development of energy resources.

The message to remember it is always the same but always current: «In the universe there are billions of galaxies, in our galaxy there are billions of planets. But there is only one Earth ». Let’s take care of it. Environment World “Only one Earth” day