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Gabriel Garko let himself go to a private confession and open up totally with his followers, revealing a dramatic episode that concerns him closely. The actor has been dealing, for some time, with an illness that brings with it many difficulties.

In one of the last interviews he gave to the media Gabriel Garko it had a different aspect that has not escaped the most attentive. The actor had a strange swelling on the face which made the fans suspicious who immediately realized that maybe something was wrong and for this they worried a lot, inquiring about health conditions of his idol also through messages and comments on his social channels.

There was someone among Gabriel Garko fans who even defined him unrecognizable for the appearance so different from the usualbut as if that weren’t enough, there was no shortage of malicious comments from those who immediately thought of Cosmetic Surgery. As often happens, fans allow themselves to freely express their opinion, formulating comments and hypotheses that try to guess the truth but that do not really come close to the facts. What is certain is the large amount of hypotheses that have been put on the plate and that only the person concerned can dispel.

What disease does Gabriel Garko suffer from?

As often happens in the world of celebrities, there have been many comments and rumors that have sprung up after that Gabriel Garko showed up with a puffy face in public, so much so that the actor decided to talk about it directly in order to silence any form of hypothesis or false news that concerned him.

Unfortunately, this is the way things are in show business and even if a celebrity prefers to stay private about their things, they find themselves forced to talk about it anyway.

Gabriel Garko’s official words were published in one open letter in the magazine TV Smiles and Songs where Garko himself writes what happened to him: “You’re on a plane and suddenly your heart starts beating wildly. Panic assails you, you struggle to breathe, you lack air. The doctor you consult, as soon as you put your feet on the ground, confirms it: this time luck, instead of a caress, gave you a good kick in the ass. ‘You have a health problem’ “.

These were the dramatic and also moving words of Gabriel Garko who confessed to his audience that he had health problems and that he noticed it by chance while he was on the plane but it seems that episodes like this also happened to him while he was working on the set.

But what is it about? It seems, from the last medical examinations he underwent that the actor suffers from thyroid problemsnothing too serious but that must absolutely be monitored as he himself stated: “We will need to rebalance the values ​​but in the meantime I look like an accordion: swollen – deflated – swollen.”

So far this small health problem is manageable and still allows him to work, it being understood that he will have to start all the necessary treatments. Surely haters and keyboard lions in general don’t help:

“I hadn’t come to terms with hate professionals, those who, in order to eat, have to shoot mud on a public figure with the intent of destroying him. I have been doing this job for many years and yet I was speechless in front of so much media fury. “

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