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A Christmas present a day: -20 – Il Post
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For some years, when December arrives, we’ve been racking our brains to give some ideas to those who want (or must, forced by circumstances) to give Christmas presents. One Christmas present a day, every day for a month, until December 24th. If that doesn’t work for you, we’ll try again tomorrow. If the next ones aren’t for you either, remember that there is always the Flanagin motion.

A few months ago, an editor of the Post took note of the fact that he had always cooked rice the wrong way (that is, how most people in Italy do it, that is, how pasta is cooked) and decided to try three rice cookers. They are household appliances very present in the homes of Asian families and also widespread in some Western countries, but not much in Italy. The main difference with cooking in a pot is that the rice is always cooked to the right degree, neither overcooked nor too al dente nor burnt, and without having to do essentially anything except add the right amount of water. The editor says he has noticed a big improvement, not so much in the taste as in the texture of the rice which is soft but dry: the typical one of oriental rice.

A rice cooker could be a nice gift if you know someone who likes rice as an accompaniment (for example with vegetables or meat) and in general the use made of it in Asian cuisine. There are some that are not bulky and the operation is very simple: let’s say that it is an appliance that is also very suitable for people who do not like to spend their time in the kitchen, because it does everything by itself. There are many models on the market at various prices: among those tested by the editor of the Post, the most sophisticated is the Zojirushi, a cult object in Japan, which however costs more than 300 euros. To spend less (even around 45 euros), a reliable brand is Reishunger, a German company that imports rice from all over the world and produces its rice cookers in China.

If an appliance seems like a too demanding gift (in terms of expense or size) for what you had in mind, but you like the idea, you can think of this microwave rice cooker from Sistema, a New Zealand company. The procedure is the same: you add the rice, the necessary amount of water (some of which is indicated in the manual, some of which is fine-tuned with experience) and salt. You put everything in the microwave for cooking (here too the temperatures and times are indicated) and in about ten minutes it’s ready. It has many very good reviews and those who have used it often speak enthusiastically about it. It has a capacity of 2.6 liters and costs 16 euros. Of course you have to make sure that the person you’re giving it to has a microwave oven, otherwise it’s useless.

Then, if you decide to give a rice cooker of any kind, you can think of completing the gift with this illustrated recipe book by Corraini on how to prepare onigiri, the typical Japanese rice triangles, which are much easier to make than you think. Is called Koro koro onigiri and is the fruit of the work of Aya Yamamoto, the owner of Gastronomia Yamamoto, a Japanese restaurant in Milan, and the designer Yoshiko Noda, alias Yocci. Here you will find some pages that we had published on the occasion of the book’s release. It costs 19 euros.

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