Acidity and Reflux: If you do these things it doesn’t get worse in the summer


Acidity and Reflux: If you do these things it doesn’t get worse in the summer
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Acidity and reflux occur more frequently as summer approaches and due to rising temperatures. These disorders due to a malfunction of the gastroesophageal tract are accompanied by different types of problems. It occurs when the mucous membranes of the stomach and esophagus become susceptible to attacks from gastric juices.

When the situation is normal, the mucous membranes do not suffer from such attacks but if for some reason they are in pain and are weakened, they find it difficult to bear the acidity level of the gastric juices. Or the problem is caused precisely by an increase in acidity for which it becomes intolerable to manage.

The gastric juices hit the mucus, a barrier that protects the mucous membranes through a viscous and compact sheath. And they can alter their PH so much that they are fragile and weak. A situation that creates many ailments that occur immediately after eating, even when a light meal is consumed.

Acidity and reflux: what to do to avoid this situation

In the acute phases of acidity, the sensation of discomfort can last up to 48 hours. And this results in an inability to deal with normal daily chores due to persistent discomfort. The consequences are manifested in heartburn, a feeling of heaviness, poor lucidity, generalized pain in the abdomen and swelling.

Often people, in order to calm the discomfort, resort to medicines which solve the problem in the short term but do not go to cure the triggering causes of the occurrence of the problem. In this way, in the long run, the problems and annoyances can get worse. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that help us face this umpteenth wellness challenge.

Allowing time for digestion to perform its natural function is very important. So we avoid eating too late, especially in the summer when the days get longer, so as to allow time for digestion to do its job before going to bed. The same applies at noon, if we are used to taking an afternoon nap.

We avoid foods that are too hot, too acidic and exciting such as tea, coffee and chocolate. These foods stimulate the metabolism making the workload more pressing while in cases of acidity and reflux the metabolic function must be carried out in a calm manner. In this sense, we do not consume herbal teas with stimulating and detoxifying products. Alcohol and beer that ferment inside the stomach are also to be avoided.

The foods that can be eaten are light and fresh ones, while fatty foods, sausages and bread products must be removed from our current diet. At least two weeks from the sensations of acidity and reflux we do not consume such foods. Among the vegetables we prefer the green leafy ones and we eliminate the solenaceae.

Effective natural solutions

Baking soda and apple cider vinegar help counteract intestinal acidity. Just take a tablespoon a day dissolved in water to promote the correct function of the intestinal tract and help develop a healthy and non-hindering bacterial flora.

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