Actor James Caan, Sonny Corleone of “The Godfather” dies


Actor James Caan, Sonny Corleone of “The Godfather” dies
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The star was the protagonist of many films between the seventies and eighties. To announce the death of the family on Twitter

it was his official Twitter account that communicated the death of James Caan, at 82, an American actor born in the Bronx on March 26, 40, the famous Sonny abusive and violent son of the Godfather in the ’72 film by Francis Coppola, who was his companion of university studies and in fact offered him the first opportunity in I’m not going home tonightdifficult role of a retarded football player.

The son of German Jewish immigrants, father butcher, he grew up in Queens, but when, after studying a bit of law, he discovers the sacred fire of acting. He works nonstop (on Broadway in the off production of The patrol), in Irma the sweet makes an unnamed appearance, meeting stars like Wayne and Mitchum (El Dorado in which he fits into the historic pair of Hawks, which will make him runner in Red line 7000). He will do everything he can, mistreating poor Olivia de Havilland locked in the elevator in A day of terrorbut avoiding fossilization, even in a variety of criminals, in the mafia role: even in Godfather 2 and everyone thinks he is Italian American. He shoots dozens and dozens of action films but not only, despite his macho appearance of him, James is not always a winner but often the man with doubts, able to let the Funny lady Barbra Streisand and loving a kindhearted prostitute in A big $ 50 love affair.

The big hit teen ager comes with Rollerball in which a champion of a violent sport of the future, hero of carnage matches. An actor with two souls, one dedicated to the banality of Evil, and the other introspective with somersaults on the unconscious as $ 40,000 not to die, in which Caan possessed by the game’s demon. Later he will defend Jane Fonda in Pakula’s twilight western Here comes a wild and free knight and fell in love with Bujold in 1878 for Another man, another woman almost American remake of Lelouch.

But Coppola who does not abandon him during a long career and wants him as a sergeant in a beautiful and bitter film about Vietnam The stone gardens. Another success of Caan sar Misery by Stephen King in which a writer kidnapped and tortured by Kathy Bates, mixing horror, thriller and literature. His athletic build, the gaze in which forgiveness is not the first choice, does not take Caan away from his mooring at the sumptuous US cinema of the 70s (Killer elite by Peckinpah, Countdown where Altman sends him into space), including two-faced and intimate roles in which one begins to be unsure of anything. Caan does not deny even some dip in the comedian of the latest follies Mel Brooks, then making his directorial debut with a good revenge film (You will find them at any cost) in which Caan a worker who wants to find his children.

But when it comes to love & family classic title Second chapter with Marsha Mason, chronicle of widowhood, another out of the way of an action career but sometimes also dear to the melancholy romantic audience. Few awards: he was nominated for an Oscar as a supporting character of the Godfatherbut Joel Gray won for Cabaretthe son of the mafia against the entertainer of musical Nazism.

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