Aesthetic medicine, fillers and botox are the most requested treatments


Aesthetic medicine, fillers and botox are the most requested treatments
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Over 120 exhibitors, 5,743 participants, over 600 scientific contributions, more than 32 workshops and business activities participated in the three days, from 6-8 October, of the 24th Congress of Aesthetic Medicine organized by the Agorà scientific society in Milan. “Every year it is a great satisfaction for me to see how much the Agorà Congress is experienced both in terms of active participation and liveliness of content – says Alberto Massirone, president of Agorà – Italian scientific society of medicine with an aesthetic focus and director of the four-year school of the same name postgraduate for aesthetic doctors. Three intense days, full of scientific news, clinical experiences and stimulating debates, which offered numerous food for thought to understand the new challenges that aesthetic medicine must be ready to face: ever closer to patients, avant-garde, innovative but above all safe, with trained and up-to-date professionals aimed at seeking the psycho-physical well-being of the patient, strengthening a relationship of trust with him to develop the best therapeutic path. A path that is not consummated with the medical act alone, but starts from a global care and taking in charge of body and mind ».

Aesthetic medicine, the news between fillers and carboxytherapy

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The most requested treatments

The data of the Agorà Observatory are a clear and precise picture of the new requests and new targets of patients who are approaching aesthetic medicine. It is important to underline that the different requests are looking for a beauty that starts from prevention, from low invasiveness and that aims at the rediscovered improvement of one’s image. Another interesting aspect is the relationship of trust that is established with your doctor, the patient tends to undergo treatments between 3-7 times for an annual cost of between € 700 and € 2500 for face, body and not only. Analyzing the data more closely we find that the facial treatments most requested by women are: fillers (59%), botulinum toxin (44%), skin revitalization (33%), peeling (23%), followed by prp and traction threads. Those that, on the other hand, are of interest to men are: botox (39%), fillers (34%), peeling (28%), followed as for women by prp and traction threads.

The Observatory identifies the target and age for each treatment. Skin revitalization is required in equal measure from the age group 30-40 and 40-60 years (43%). On the other hand, only 20% in the 18-30 and 60+ range approach the treatment. The age range totally changes if you analyze the laser hair removal treatment: 49% in the 18-30 range and 50% in the 30-40 range. The percentage drops in later age groups. The laser is increasingly required for tattoo removal for 63% from the 30-40 age group, but even among young people the trend of the tattooed body seems to decrease with a request of 45% in the 18-30 age group. Young patients approach aesthetic medicine both for emulation of aesthetic models on social media (47%) and for specific treatments such as lip remodeling (88%), skin imperfections (49%), rhinofiller (48%) and cellulite / adiposity localized (43%). The intermediate 30-40 year old group wants to combat expression lines (73%) and skin aging (63%), and reshape the lips (72%) as well as to combat localized adiposity (55%) and tissue sagging ( 38%). Finally, baby boomers, 60+, about 80% want to fight skin aging, expression lines and tissue sagging.

Face & body filler

Lips have always been an emblem of charm and beauty, one of the areas of greatest attraction where the demand for treatment is very high. Among the novelties for the lips, the Italian company Ibsa Derma, the dermoaesthetics division of Ibsa Farmaceutici, has created the EgoLips protocol with the aim of enhancing the lips, their uniqueness and expressiveness, through a dialogue between doctor and patient to understand on which type and form to focus. A double-acting hybrid filler was presented by Allergan Aesthetics, a company of the AbbVie group. The HArmonyCa filler with lidocaine allows you to mitigate the signs of aging on the face in a multidimensional way thanks to two active ingredients: hyaluronic acid which ensures an immediate lifting effect, while calcium hydroxyapatite stimulates the production of collagen. It is particularly suitable for treating the cheekbone. The neck is one of the most difficult areas to treat since the skin in this area is very thin and fragile, Seventy BG with the “Seventy Hyal 2000 Body System” kit has studied an ad hoc protocol: two injectable treatments with hyaluronic acid. high molecular weight for dermal stimulation and kinesiological taping to lift the skin and consolidate results, to be performed within two months. For the body, the Hyacorp Body Contouring filler distributed by the Italian company Bioformula was presented, a treatment that uses a remodeling gel based on an advanced hyaluronic acid to remodel different areas, such as: décolleté, inner arms, buttocks and knees.

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The news between devices and cosmeceuticals

Devices are becoming more and more important in aesthetic medicine considering the multisciplinary nature of the treatments to obtain the best result. A treatment that is always valid is carboxytherapy, with the CDT Evolution equipment the only one able to guarantee controlled delivery. Carboxy is not only for cellulite and localized adiposity, but also for hair regrowth and the well-being of the intimate parts: dryness, vaginal atrophy, itching, redness and pain during intercourse. To reduce localized adiposity, ReBorn Lightfective arrives which uses the innovative Power Led technology, much more powerful than normal LEDs. The protocol consists of 2-3 sessions of 35 minutes spaced from 4-8 weeks to obtain results in about 3 months.

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