After the covid a long fatigue, a guide to regaining shape: “Diet, exercises and affection”


After the covid a long fatigue, a guide to regaining shape: “Diet, exercises and affection”
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There are those who meet him in an asymptomatic form, those with illnesses such as fever, sore throat and cold, in some cases even with the need for hospitalization in the most serious forms. But once recovered from covid-19, you have to deal with a sort of fatigue, not only physical, but also mental, which can last for months. In April 2021, a practical guide for rehabilitation was created, conceived and created by the Lions Club Forlì-Cesena Terre di Romagna, in collaboration with the Ausl Romagna, which offers the possibility to continue the healing process on a safe road. , at the same time recovering muscle strength and the ability to expand the lungs, reducing the possibility that “scars” can lead to persistent lung damage.

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The idea of ​​the brochure is by Dr. Massimo Fiori, urologist and former patient with Covid, with the collaboration of Dr. Renata Maria Rossi, head of the Rehabilitation Medicine Ausl of Romagna. “In the last 2 years there has been a lot of talk about Covid and, as often happens in the medical field, a lot of information can produce confusion, leading to extremes of fear or excessive” confidence “- explains Fiori -. Today it is necessary to regain the right balance and, maintaining the indispensable prudence that we had to acquire, we must take back the everyday life that has long been denied us by the Coronavirus “.

Doctor Fiori, you are among the thousands of people who have lived with covid. What was your experience with the virus?

As difficult as it has been for all patients who have had major forms of Covid. As a doctor, I experience the illness of patients and the difficulties of family members on a daily basis, but all this does not prepare you to face a dramatic event that suddenly changes your life in person. At that moment you realize that you must know how to rely above all on your desire to overcome the obstacles that you face, but at the same time you are able to fully appreciate the value of family affections and friendship that give you strength and find the right one. harmony with doctors and nurses who help you reach the goal of recovery.

How long did it take to get back to optimal shape?

At least 3 months to regain an acceptable physical shape, but another 3 to completely overcome the annoying feeling of easy fatigue.

As a doctor and patient, with the contribution of the Lions Club Forlì-Cesena erre di Romagna, in collaboration with the Ausl Romagna, he created a practical guide for post-virus rehabilitation. What were the findings?

Excellent, both from the patients, who felt “less alone” after the difficult experience of Covid, and from the doctors, in particular the family doctors, who were able to be close to the patients’ need to return more effective and fast to everyday life.

Compared to a year ago, how has this virus changed in your opinion?

Without wishing to play the part of the umpteenth expert, I can only say what appears evident: the disease, through the appearance of the variants that have occurred over the months, is now steadily widespread, thus becoming endemic. We will probably have to live with the virus and currently the disease manifests itself in “tolerable” forms, unfortunately the most fragile people can still have clinically important forms and therefore family members will have to respect this fragility by paying attention to avoid transmission of the disease if they have any doubts , or the certainty, of a positivity.

With the infection behind us, isn’t the return to “pre Covid” life so simple even with the latest Omicron 5 variant?

As I have already said, the new variants have led to a “different” disease in the symptoms which for the majority of cases are of modest clinical significance, this of course also thanks to the vaccination campaign conducted in recent years

How long can post covid fatigue last?

The experience is individual and therefore very variable, it can range from a few weeks to 5-6 months

What are the remedies?

Diet, physical activity and, especially for the elderly, the help of the family to regain serenity, but in the period immediately after the acute phase of the disease, in particular in the clinically relevant forms with prolonged periods of fever, intense fatigue and important involvement of the pathways respiratory, it may be useful to follow the instructions that we have made practical and “easy” in the brochure that we have published as Club Lions Forlì Cesena Terre di Romagna in collaboration with the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Service of the GB Morgagni Hospital of Forlì dell’Ausl della Romagna. The brochure can be downloaded as a pdf from the AUSL della Romagna website: for-rehabilitation-by-a-specialist-and-a-patient.


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