Agenzia delle Entrate website does not work, due to pre-filled risk of late repayments: what is happening


Agenzia delle Entrate website does not work, due to pre-filled risk of late repayments: what is happening
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Access the site of the Revenue Agency it is almost impossible and to send or modify the precompiled it is not allowed: so the risk is that millions of Italians who wanted to send the tax return will not be able to receive the personal income tax refund in the month of July. The portal to send the pre-filled was to be active from midnight on May 31stbut at 12 on the same day it still doesn’t work.

The problem is that the one of May 31st is, almost certainly, the only useful date to receive personal income tax refunds already in July. Those who fail to send the pre-filled declaration today risk having to wait a month in addition to have the amount credited.

The compile function is not accessible and all the Revenue Agency website is not working well: is slowed down or blocks access to several pages. Entering your declaration is almost impossible and even when you do, you can’t click on change key to send your pre-filled. We see what is happening and what the consequences could be.

Access to the precompiled: how it works

To access the pre-filled in, you must go to the Revenue Agency website and use your own reserved area: you enter through Spid or electronic identity card. Once inside you should go to your declaration and decide if accept the 730 data without making any changes: in this case they will not be carried out checks on the documents and reimbursements provided for health deductions and other communicated expenses.

No checks will be carried out unless changes are made, with a few exceptions: changes that do not affect income and tax are allowed, such as personal data, the data of the person making the adjustment, the choice for use in compensation , the request to pay in monthly installments.

In case of sending with changes the checks will instead be carried out. If you notice errors in sending the pre-filled, it will be possible to correct them after 6 June: to do this, it is necessary to cancel the 730 sent and submit a new declaration. It is possible to cancel only one declaration, no later than 20 June. The deadline for sending the pre-filled in is set at September 30th.

Revenue Agency website does not work, impossible to send pre-filled

However, sending the pre-filled in on May 31 proved impossible (at least until 12). The site does not work and many users report problems on social networks. Specifically they explain how they’ve been trying for hours modify the precompiled without succeeding. They complain how they are forced to waste several hours on the site to try – for now in vain – to send the 730 and thus be able to access the personal income tax refunds already in July, without having to wait another month.

Early in the morning the site did not allow you to click on the edit button to then send the pre-filled declaration. In addition, towards mid-late morning the situation worsened: it became almost impossible even to access the portal of the Revenue Agency. The site loads the pages very slowly or does not load them at all and performing any operation – even just accessing the private area – is impossible for many users. At the moment the Agency has not communicated when the problem could be solved.

The Revenue Agency website down

The Revenue Agency website down
The site problems on May 31st

Because May 31 is the only good date to have immediately the personal income tax refunds

The date of May 31 is the only one available to obtain i Irpef refunds already with the July pay slip. In fact, if the pre-filled form were to be sent at a later date, the refund would almost certainly not arrive before August. May 31st is the first day on which the declaration can be submitted by accepting the pre-filled in without changes or integrating it.

If you fail to send the pre-filled in on May 31, it is very likely that you have to wait an extra month to receive reimbursements in payroll. In fact, the employer or the pension institution pays i refunds in the second month following the month of sending of the declaration. If you go to June 1, then, take an extra month.

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