Aggressive telemarketing: how to register with the opposition register to avoid harassing calls even on mobile phones How it works


Aggressive telemarketing: how to register with the opposition register to avoid harassing calls even on mobile phones How it works
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The annoyance of being chased by call centers (human or virtual makes no difference) even on the mobile phone could greatly reduce from July 27 (2022, better to specify) when the new register of oppositions which aims to combat “aggressive telemarketing” will definitely take off. The wait is remarkable as well as the awareness that it is better not to fool yourself: with algorithms you will always find a way to pester us with a cheaper gas bill or with an unbeatable line for the Internet. There is talk of a “new” register after the “old” has tried, among a thousand gaps in the defense, to protect the landline of the house listed on the telephone list (object in danger of extinction). In fact, for a couple of years if the home phone rings in the vast majority of cases it is not the elderly aunt (she too has learned to call on her cell phone) but the operator / operator of a call center.

From the July 27, as required by regulation 26/2022 published on March 29 by the Official Gazette, the application of law 5 of 2018 should finally become concrete, with the addition of the “reinforcement” (law decree 139/2021) which should also block calls to our cellars originating from a computer. So stop the aggressive telemarketing? We will see. Previous experience advises caution. In any case, on July 27, the possibility of enrolling in the register of oppositions must become effective, which will take the place of the one in service for ten years.

For those who manage the register, the Ugo Bordoni foundation, this is a huge leap: the fixed lines that had protected themselves exceeded 1.5 million by a little, but numbers from SIM cards for mobile phones in Italy are 78 million, much more of one per inhabitants, including babies.

The barrier also applies to foreign operators (but many of the Italian operators also have call centers abroad), while sms and whatsapp messages are excluded, but for now it does not seem like much damage because these systems in Italy are not very widespread.

On average it calculates the Codacons each Sim card receives 5 calls per week, with an increasing trend. We noticed it.

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Why so much fuss? Why the telemarketing represents a business worth around 4 billion euros per year in Italy, and the telephone sale of goods and services produces an estimated turnover of 40 billion euros for the entire supply chain. After all, these mind-bending phone calls are one of the terminals of the personal data trade: a huge business.

In Italy there are about 1,400 call center companies in “outsourcing” with an annual turnover of 2.8 billion euros (Assocontact data). Also considering the internal call centers of companies (telephony, energy, banks) it is estimated that the contact center industry is worth a total of 4 billion euros per year, for around 120,000 employees. U

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How to sign up

There are three possibilities: fill in the form on the official website of the registry manager (you can find it here); call the toll-free number 800 265 265 from the number for which registration is requested; write an email to registra-

Much confidence is placed in the fact that with the new Registry they should be canceled all the consents issued in the past for telemarketing purposes. More: the ban on the transfer of personal data to third parties will be enforced. As for the effectiveness of this ban, all that remains is to wait for the next few months. There are many doubts and it is certainly up to us to pay attention when we are asked to “tick” this or that box in a form.

Calls that we will receive anyway

They are those of entities belonging to or appointed by the National State System. But statistically, these are very few calls.

Unwanted calls continue

The operator must be identifiable and can be reported to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.

The sanctions

There are administrative penalties of up to 20 million euros or up to 4% of the overall turnover of the previous year. If the operator does not qualify, the license can be suspended (up to 6 months) or withdrawn.



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