Ahlam El Brinis, the shoulder pad falls and everything is on display: “You are perfect”


Ahlam El Brinis could be considered in all respects as one of the most beautiful journalists around thanks to her charm.

Some girls have been able to become more and more part of the world of entertainment and fashion, managing however to sneak in a convinced and decisive way even as sports journalists, with Ahlam El Brinis who has shown in recent years that she can be considered in all respects as one of the most beautiful and fascinating women to be found on SportItalia.

Ahlam El Brinis photo (Instagram)

For some years now, the SportItalia television channel has shown more and more that it can be considered as one of the most avant-garde ones and that above all it has been able to live up to its reputation as a program that has known how to become loved in all respects. and appreciated around the boot.

This was also due to the fact that Michele Crisciello was able to combine the general interest linked to the world of football with a truly exceptional charm derived from the physical and sensational beauty of some wonderful girls like Ahlam El Brinis.

The Venetian girl of Moroccan origin has in fact depopulated and not a little in the last period, so much so that she was able to make a series of shots that have proved to all intents and purposes wonderful and breathtaking as they were exceptional.

In fact, she is also proving to be a skilled and professional sports journalist, one of those who always knows when to ask the right question at the right time, but it is clear that her great goal is to quickly become a leading model and on Instagram he is succeeding.

Her beauty and charm have thus allowed her to be considered as one of the most enchanting and wonderful that you can ever see around, so the beautiful El Brinis gave her audience a shot to leave speechless with the only orange underwear that could in no way cover its splendor.

Comments and likes flocked as if there was no tomorrow and this is once again the great and extraordinary testimony of how her beauty has really reached exceptional levels, allowing her to be considered like few other predecessors. .

Ahlam El Brinis and the affair of a certain level in politics

The gossip is looking forward to knowing some spicy details of the private lives of various important men in the world of politics and it is for this reason that Ahlam El Brinis he was able to create a series of truly incredible and crazy shots even with certain figures.

A few years ago, in fact, she was paparazzi in the disco with the well-known politician next to her Matteo Salviniwith the two who seemed to be really very close, so much so that the tabloid newspapers spoke more and more insistently of a possible affair between the two.

In reality, this has never been confirmed by either side, indeed the three, because at the time the leader of the League was engaged to Elisa Isoardi and shortly after the news of the possible relationship between Ahlam and Matteo, the two broke up.

Ahlam El Brinis photo (Instagram)
Ahlam El Brinis photo (Instagram)

We will probably never know how things went, but what we mere mortals can do is only to be able to witness the sensational and timeless beauty of the wonderful El Brinis on social networks.

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