Air conditioning, how to use it correctly and set the right degrees to save


Air conditioning has become our main ally in times of drought. How can you reduce the consumptions, costs and environmental damage to you?

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2022 is the year of the environmental catastrophe. Preceded by the pandemic and the conflict in Eastern Europe, our existence seems to have entered The day after tomorrow, pity it’s no longer a movie. In reality, using air conditioning to combat heat and drought is a bit like throwing away gasoline on the fire.

The unconscious energy consumption and the emissions deriving from it are the basis of the many problems related to the climate that have arisen in the last period. How to counteract the contraindications related to the use of the air conditioner? Let’s see it together.

Air conditioning: how to promote savings on your bills through a well-organized home economy

Air conditioning outdoor unit consumption
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Air conditioning must be used intelligently and consciously for at least two reasons: to avoid health problems and to avoid disproportionate figures on the bill. The difficult metropolitan summers have never been as hot as they are now and the use of air conditioners is becoming indispensable to survival.

To avoid damaging the environment, dying of heat, and consuming excessively your savings you will need to implement some simple and effective strategies. The air conditioning does not come on in random schedules or only when needed when the heat just keeps you in check.

This way you spend a lot more while also risking disperse the benefits made by the most popular appliance of the summer. So let’s come to the advice. Do not use the air conditioner in the morning and evening: turn it on only during the hottest hours and in cases of real need.

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If the air has reached an acceptable temperature turn it off. Do not leave it on if you are not at home or in the room that welcomes it. Avoid the dispersion of fresh air by hermetically closing doors and windowseven the shutters lowered can help to recreate the cellar effect.

They will also prevent the sun from filtering by inevitably heating the air. A good move is to set the air conditioner to function dehumidification. In this way the environment will not cool too much and will record a decrease of humiditythe same that often causes unbearable heat.

Avoid using appliances that consume a lot of energy and spread heat, such as the oven, for example. Especially in the hottest hours of the day it is to be avoided. Choose an air conditioner that is well suited to your domestic spaces: do not choose machines with higher power to real needs.

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Place the outdoor unit in places where possible shaded. This takes the heat from a cooler environment and then transfers it to a warmer one. When placed in the sun, the outdoor unit consumes more than 5%. Recycle the water produced by the air conditioner using it for press.

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