Air conditioning: tips to reduce consumption that are also good for health, little known but very effective


Air conditioning: tips to reduce consumption that are also good for health, little known but very effective
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The heat has come with arrogance and therefore for many it is time to turn on the air conditioning.

It is not known to many that air conditioners and air conditioners, used interchangeably, are actually two different products both in terms of technical characteristics and functions.

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The air conditioner is the classic air conditioning system. It allows you to cool or heat a room by introducing fresh or hot air through a fan set on speed.

The air conditioner, on the other hand, regulates the temperature and humidity precisely. Consequently, compared to the air conditioner, it does not dry the air, and eliminates bacteria and other impurities in the air, thanks also to the presence of filters.

Air conditioning: tips to reduce consumption and which are also good for your health

Therefore, to heat the air during the summer season, the use of the air conditioner would be ideal both to save on the bill and for the well-being of health.

The first saving tip is to buy a model of energy class higher than A. This is because, in addition to reducing consumption, it also reduces CO2 and carbon dioxide emissions in the air, thus respecting the environment and health.

Respect the internal temperature the environment also serves to save on bills. The temperature must not drop below 24-26 degrees centigrade. Cooling the air too much causes it to dry out with consequences for health. Therefore, it would be better to use the “dehumidifier” function which makes the air cooler. Also because there are high fines of up to 3,000 euros for those who do not respect these rules.

Even if you are not at home close the shutters or roller shutters because the heat still enters through the windows during the hottest hours. In this way, when you return home, the air conditioner will have less difficulty in cooling the house. It is estimated that this measure allows a saving of about 25% per family.

Also, place the air conditioner on one top wall it’s really beneficial. Not only. It would be better to avoid installing it behind sofas or armchairs so that there is no obstacle to block the fresh air.

Finally, to avoid heat loss, i external pipes they should be thermally insulated and the outside of the air conditioner should not be exposed to the weather or the sun.

Other ways to save

A correct maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners it serves not only to save but above all it protects health. In fact, air filters are the place where mold and bacteria lurk. Among these is the legionella bacterium which can be deadly. It is also important to check the tightness of the gas circuit as required by law.

Replace the incandescent bulbs with the LED type they not only consume less energy but also produce less heat, reducing the need to cool the house with an air conditioner.

You can also save on your bill by installing solar and photovoltaic panels. In this way, you could be independent from external electricity and gas suppliers. The initial costs are high but you can take advantage of the photovoltaic bonus to ask for concessions.

Finally, if despite the advice the bills are still high, perhaps one should be made energy audit of the building. In this way it would be possible to evaluate the state of the window frames and doors and carry out targeted interventions to reduce the costs of the air conditioning system, also taking advantage of the incentives proposed by the government.

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