Alarm at court, Kate Middleton taken away by rescue: the disease breaks into the royal house


Kate Middleton scares everyone, the alarm goes off at court. Just her taken away by the rescue. The terrible disease arrives in the royal house. What is happening to the beloved Duchess of Cambridge? Terrible drama.

Worried Prince William

Kate Middleton has health problems. The Duchess of Cambridge forced to leave Wimbledon, taken away by rescue. The terrible disease hits her. This is what is happening to her. Think about it for her.

Spotlight on Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton she is the most beloved duchess ever. Considered the heir of Lady Dianais followed with affection by the subjects and loved in every corner of the world. Beautiful, sunny and sweet, her eyes express deep gratitude to a people that since his official engagement with the Prince William welcomed her with open arms.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton –

The people of the United Kingdom he would like her to be his future Queen consort but, alas, before Kate he will sit on the throne and unfortunately it is believed even very soon, Camilla Parkerthe wife of Prince Charles.

Lately Kate is making everyone worry about her excessive thinness. Among those who cry toanorexia and talk about eating disorders and whoever believes he is suffering from depression or mental and physical exhaustioncomes another news that upsets the court: the terrible disease has indeed sneaked into the royal palace and hit Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge worries everyone

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, she’s making the world worry: the terrible disease has entered the royal palace and hit her.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton –

How does it know a spokesperson for Kensington Palace, Prince William’s wife came into contact with a covid-19 positive person and therefore it was forced into isolation:

“Last week, the Duchess of Cambridge came into contact with a person who tested positive for covid-19. Her Royal Highness has no symptoms for the moment but she is scrupulously following the guidelines of the government with a home quarantine ”.

Kate will therefore be forced to skip some public events how the 73 anniversary celebration of the British National Health Service. However, the subjects are worried about her, they fear that the whole truth has not come out of the palace and that the problem is far more serious than the one exposed.

How do you know the weekly Daily Star sunday, the Duchess of Cambridge would have received some rather serious threats before a tennis tournament with Daniel Evans:

“Secret Service agents believe that the threats aimed at Kate are not insignificant, it is a disgusting thing as it involves Kate’s children and hinders her attempt to live a normal life as any mother would like. Even today, investigators fear that the threats are being carried out and they know that this disgusting event can take place anywhere, even within the confines of one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world ”.

What is the truth? Kate really got in touch with a positive person and she isolated herself for that reason or the security services are putting in place a protection plan for the duchess and his family?

Unfortunately the royals are always victims of threats and attacks and the safety of Royal Family members comes first. In any case, the subjects wish they could see Kate again in public as soon as possible.

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