Alarm for the health of Queen Elizabeth. The Palace: “The doctors are worried”


Alarm for the health of Queen Elizabeth.  The Palace: “The doctors are worried”
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The Royal Palace has communicated that the Queen’s health conditions are of concern to doctors, who have asked her to stay in Balmoral. “Inform your family about her”

LONDON – It is alarming for the health conditions of the Queen Elizabeth: “Following further evaluation this morning – a statement from Buckingham Palace announced in the late morning of today, September 8 – the Queen’s doctors are concerned about Her Majesty’s health and they recommended that her remain under medical supervision“.

The sovereign, 96 years oldis currently in Balmoral Castlein Scotland, where he is spending his summer holidays and where – after the spread of worrying news about his health – they have begun to gather members of the royal family, starting with his 4 children
as well as dozens of subjects.

Fears had already spread last nightwhen Elizabeth had to leave a virtual meeting of the Private Council in which the new premier, Liz Truss, was to be sworn in as First Lord of the Treasury and the other ministers to be appointed to the Council.

The decision to postpone the meeting came after a busy day on Tuesday, when Elizabeth received the resigning Boris Johnson and then entrusted the job to Liz TrussIt was the first time in her 70-year reign that she did not invest a new premier at Buckingham Palace after she was advised against traveling to London.

In Tuesday’s photos the queen appeared smiling, but frail with her staff and with conspicuous bruises on the hands
which can be caused by age but also by the insertion of treatment needles.

They were the first images of the sovereign after 47 days of vacation in Balmoral: there she had already given up going to mass on Sundays. Palace sources insist that the sovereign “is elderly, not sick”: and after all she is 96 years old.

But in recent weeks it has been learned that the son Carlo visited her every day, a circumstance that has been described as “very unusual”.

Richard Sumner, BBC correspondent expert on the royal family, said on TV that “the situation is serious”: “Those who have seen her say that mentally she is very lucid, and very interested in everything”, but it seems that ‘his body is starting to fail – although it is not yet clear how, or how seriously ». Nicholas Witchell, another of the BBC correspondents, said they were there rumors of a cancer – never confirmed by the royal family.

Charles and his wife, Camilla, who were in Birkhall, Scotland, they immediately went to Balmoral to stand by the Queen’s side
. With them, Prince William and the other sons of the sovereign have already arrived at the castle – Anna, Andrea and Edoardo.

Kate she remained in Windsor – according to reports from Kensington Palace – as her children Louis and Charlotte are busy on their first day of school.

Also Harry and Meghan – according to a spokesperson – I am on my way to Balmoral. A plane carrying 7 other members of the royal family is arriving at Aberdeen airport, near Balmoral.

The neopremier Liz Trussin Parliament, said that “my thoughts, and those of all the people of the united kingdom, are with his majesty and his family, in these hours. The whole country is deeply concerned for this news ». Even the leader of Labor, Starmer, expressed his concern for the health of the Queen: “I join in everyone’s hope in wishing her an improvement.”

The speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, interrupted the debate on energy to express the closeness to the Queen of all the members of the assembly.

Truss was on the benches of the House of Commons when – twenty minutes before the official announcement by the Royal Palace – he received the news by another member of the government, Nadhim Zahawi. Labor chief Stermer received a note at the same time from his deputy, Angela Rayner. “Something is happening in the House,” tweeted Chris Bryant, a Labor MP. “There is Zahawi who is speaking to the premier, urgently”.

Me too’Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, expressed his concern: “My prayers, and those of all the faithful of the Church of England, are today for Her Majesty the Queen. May the presence of God strengthen and offer comfort to her Majesty of her, to her family, and to all those who care for her, in Balmoral. ” Chief Rabbi Mirvis and Catholic Cardinal Nichols also pray for the Queen.

The BBC has discontinued its regular programming on the first channel
at 12.39 pm local time, replacing it with an information bulletin entitled ‘BBC News special’. Programming will resume at 6pm with the BBC News at Six program.

The conductors on the air in these hours they are all dressed in black: one of the steps provided for in the «London Bridge» plan, developed in the event of the Queen’s death.

The Royal Family website went haywire. Outside Buckingham Palace, a sign warns tourists that there will be no changing of the guard today.

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