Albert of Monaco leaves Charlene and runs away to Italy with her: he is madly in love with her


Albert of Monaco leaves Charlene and runs away to Italy with her: he is ‘madly in love’. Here is who is the woman who made the Monegasque sovereign lose his head.

Alberto II and Charlene –

There is air of crisis between Charlene of Monaco and her wife Albert II: he escapes to Italy with another woman. That’s who she is who has wreaked havoc on the Grimaldi family.

Grimaldi and Wittstock, marriage at the end of the line?

The monarchs of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock and Albert II, continue to be the center of attention. The main components of the Grimaldi family they are the protagonists of another curious real drama.

Alberto and Charlene with their children
Alberto and Charlene with their children –

After i Health problems that devastated the life of the South African princess who was forced to stay away from the royal palace and her children for over a year, now we are talking about her again because of her marital crisis with his wife Albert II.

Charlene and Alberto would be at loggerheads. The two, according to some sources close to the Grimaldi family, they would also live separately and they would show themselves in public only to honor institutional and court commitments.

Marriage at the end of the line? Meanwhile, he does another rude to his wife: pack your bags and fly to Italy with her. Here is who is the third inconvenience who is wreaking havoc in the Grimaldi family.

Albert of Monaco escapes to Italy with her

It seems that things are not progressing well between Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock. The South African princess has only been back for a few months at Rocca yet it is again the protagonist of some family dramas.

Charlene of Monaco –

There Grimaldi family unfortunately it did not welcome her as expected and the asti that she had left a year ago when she was hospitalized in South Africa first and then in Switzerland, due to some health problems, they still continue to persist today.

However, it is not his health which is improving day by day that is worrying now, but i marital problems with the Monegasque sovereign. In fact, it is rumored that Charlene and Alberto are said to be about to divorcethe crisis between the two is so strong that they would already live apart.

To make matters worse, is the terrible setback that the Monegasque sovereign did to the beautiful princess. Do you know what Alberto has been up to? He packed his bags and flew to Italy right where she is, his ex-lover Nicole Coste.

Nicole Coste
Nicole Coste –

Albert of Monaco had a fleeting relationship with Nicole Costea woman who made him dad of Alexandre. Charlene never put up with it too intrusive presence of the former hostess who on several occasions was also present at court, even during the period in which the South African princess was absent for health reasons.

Nicole is currently in Italy with her son Alexandre and just a few weeks ago, the two were paparazzi out to dinner in Rome. Also Alberto has reached Italy for an official visit to the city ​​of Canosa.

So here is where the gossip was born: Did Alberto take advantage of his trip to Italy to join his ex-lover and son? To throw the scoop German magazine Frau Aktuell.

This would be a further blow to Charlene who has completely lost faith in the Monegasque sovereign who never ceases to surprise: his own extramarital affairs and illegitimate children sprouting like mushrooms are destroying her marriage.

Scoop Grimaldi
Frau Aktuell magazine launches the scoop on Grimaldis –

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