Alberto Matano and Riccardo Mannino got married: the emotion of Mara Venier


Alberto Matano and Riccardo Mannino got married: the emotion of Mara Venier
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The first photos of the wedding between the journalist and host and the lawyer of the Cassation. Andrea Sannino sings their song “Abbracciame”, Santamaria sings “Roma don’t be stupid tonight”

Alberto Matano and Riccardo Mannino got married. The Yes was pronounced around 18.30 today at the Antonello Colonna Resort & Spa in Labico, near Rome. An expected, heartfelt, followed marriage. Because he is one of the most loved hosts and journalists in Italy. Because he has only recently come out in front of the cameras on “Live life”. Because he is a polite, positive, welcoming man who has chosen to live a free and loving life.

Exceptional celebrant Mara Venier, the most beloved presenter in Italy, a friend almost sister of Alberto Matano. At 9 pm, in the middle of the party, Mara answers her phone.

Mara how did it go? Very excited?

«So much – he says – When I said the fateful sentence:“ Do you want Alberto Matano to take it as yours ….. ”my voice choked, I could no longer go on. The idea of ​​being there to marry my two friends was too moving. Then slowly I made it and I was able to go on ».

And what was the moment in which you saw Alberto most moved?

“When he arrived with Riccardo and his beloved nephews. I was there waiting for him with the sash that the mayor had given me ».

And there was also the surprise …

“Yes, I did get Andrea Sannino who sang” Abbracciame “that a little bit their song” (The singer on Instagram said: “Singing for you was a great emotion”) “.

It really all sounds very romantic from his tales.

“Yes it was truly a marriage of pure love, surrounded by so much friendship. I didn’t sleep three nights, I read and studied the great poets, including Alda Merini. I had prepared many beautiful speeches, but I did not say anything about everything that I had studied. I preferred to tell everyone “why we are here” ».

You pushed hard for this wedding, didn’t you?

«We were at the table and two months ago, I asked Alberto and Riccardo:“ why don’t you get married? I don’t get up from the table until you get the date out. At the beginning Alberto hesitated, Riccardo immediately gave me the possible date. It was beautiful, exciting, moving: after a few minutes we were toasting at the table with shining eyes ».

A private moment, yes, but one that also has a strong media echo.
“It has a great media coverage, a very specific cultural message and I am happy to have done everything possible for this marriage to take place”.

Alberto confirms: «We have been together for fifteen years. During a dinner a couple of months ago, Mara, our best friend who is celebrating today, said it would be nice for us to get married. Riccardo immediately said yes. He was elated. I too was happy. Then, over the weekend, I went into crisis. I thought about everything around us, about the external dimension of something that concerned us so privately. In the evening, at home, we talked, we argued, we scuffled, we hugged and decided that yes, it was the right thing to do. Today we will celebrate a love that deserves a formal dress »Matano told Walter Veltroni.

The party was cheerful and there were about 200 guests. Obviously the families of the spouses, friends and also many personalities from the world of entertainment and journalism: Giuliano Sangiorgi of the Negramaro, the actor Claudio Santamaria who sang “Rome is not stupid tonight” with his wife Francesca Barra (“already cry », She wrote on social media commenting on a post with the news of the wedding of the two, a few hours after the ceremony) and several colleagues of the Rai news. And then again Senator Casini, Eleonora Daniele with her husband Giulio Tassoni; Raoul Bova and his wife Rocio Munoz Morales, Nunzia De Girolamo, Fabio Canino (judge of «Dancing with the stars»).

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