Alfa Romeo, a new GTV coming? Here’s how it will be (VIDEO)


At Alfa Romeo we are looking to the future, and a designer, on the basis of some rumors, has imagined the shapes of a new GTV.

The range of the future is being designed at Alfa Romeo, where a total renewal of the lines is planned and technologies to be exploited for the years to come. By 2027, according to the directives of the Dutch holding Stellantis which owns the Arese brand, all the companies belonging to the group will only have to produce electric cars, and the time has come to adapt.

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It will be a real revolution for a house like Alfa, which until recently did not even have a hybrid model in its range. The first was the brand new Tonale which was released on the market a few months ago, but will remain the only one for a short time.

In fact, the restyling of the Stelvio that will be made available starting from 2023 will in turn have a hybrid engine., although it is also possible to buy the version that mounts only the atmospheric engine. Fans ofAlfa Romeoas well as those of all the other manufacturers, will have to start to deal with the world of tomorrow, which will include a ban on endothermic propulsion.

The European Community has in fact already announced that by 2035 only full electric cars will be marketed, while a five-year derogation is foreseen for Ferrari, Lamborghini and all those who produce high-performance cars, the famous supercars, which, however, will have to adapt in 2040.

Returning to Alfa, even if it is necessary to remain within the discourse relating to the electric, we spoke a little while ago about a model that could be truly revolutionary for the Italian house. According to the rumors, the arrival of a Giulia EV is being studied, that is to say with 100% electric propulsion.

The car will keep its classic shapes, but under the hood it will no longer beat an internal combustion engine, but only the batteries that will allow the car to move in full electric mode. The good news is that, apparently, the new version of the Giulia will be able to cover 800 km without needing to be recharged, which represents a great result in terms of autonomy.

The power should exceed 800 V, which is to say it will be higher than something like 400 horsepower. Surely, the lack of classic sporting noise of the Biscione brand cannot be overcome by excellent performance and surprising autonomy, but it is still a good step forward for a manufacturer that until recently did not even offer a hybrid model.

The world, as we well know, is changing, and with it our habits will have to be changed. For a house like Alfa it will be an epochal revolution, given that this brand had been one of the pioneers of motor racing in the first and second post-war years, when it continually won in the most famous races in the world. Now, after a century of glory with the internal combustion engine, it’s time to turn the page.

Alfa Romeo, here’s what the new GTV will look like

Alfa Romeo is planning to return to the market with some iconic models that have made the history of this brand. In the past we have already talked to you about what are the cars under consideration, and today we will touch on a very interesting topic, which sees a probable return of the GTV, one of the most iconic products of the Alfa Romeo company, as protagonist.

To talk about it, in a video posted on a channel YouTubewas “Rons Rides“, Which often takes us into the world of the future with splendid renders of the cars to come in the coming years. The GTV was an amazing car, which theAlfa Romeo produced from 1995 to 2004 with excellent results in terms of sales, a model that has remained in the hearts of all lovers of the Arese brand.

According to what are the images shown in the video, there are some similarities that, according to rumors, could lead to some controversy. The GTV represented in the video that you will find attached below is in fact similar to that which is the Toyota Supra, one of the flagships of the Japanese house.

Indeed, comparing the two cars you can see several points in common, such as the very elongated front and the shape of the area located below the grille and the headlights. Consequently, even the very narrow rear and the little space between the rear wheels and the end of the wheelbase is rather small, but remember that these are only some rumors that still have to be confirmed.

Little is known, however, regarding the propulsion of the vehicle. One can imagine that the car will also be available in a hybrid version, while for now there is no talk of a full electric model. However, in today’s world, things change quickly, so we just have to wait for official news. In the meantime, enjoy the images of this gorgeous model that’s ready to make hearts beat faster.

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