Alfa Romeo, a new road 33 coming? Here’s how it will be (VIDEO)


The renders give us the opportunity to talk about an extraordinary Alfa Romeo. Many dream of seeing a new sports model from the Milanese manufacturer on the road.

The Biscione brand is not going through an extraordinary moment. After the sensational decline in sales in recent years, Alfa has staked a lot on the creation of fashionable SUVs, distorting its DNA a little. If some of the customers enthusiastically welcomed the comfortable four-wheel drive cars, many have complained about an increasingly thin price list. The dream of the Alfisti is to see a new MiTo and high-profile sports cars on the road.

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In its long history, the Arese brand has become known, above all, for its sportsmanship. One-of-a-kind cars that have made school. The brand, which is part of the Stellantis Group, will focus on electric over the next few years with the launch of new innovative models. A very risky move for a brand that has gone through a very strong period of crisis and is only now starting to see the light again. All-in on the electric could be a resounding flop, also because Italy is going through a moment of economic crisis like few others in history. Electric cars continue to be launched at exorbitant prices and it will not be easy to raise sales volumes.

Electric cars represent, to date, a luxury for the few. Considering the infrastructures not yet up to par, Italians are not convinced they are making such a high investment. Without the eco-bonus, the cars on tap remain an absolute unknown, especially in terms of resale. At Alfa Romeo, however, they have already announced the sensational all-in in the electric market. At the moment the Alfa price list, in addition to the Stelvio and the Tonale, only offers the Giulia at a very high figure. Historically, some Alfa models were a dream for very few, including the legendary 33 Stradale.

Alfa Romeo, a leap into the past

The 33 Stradale is a custom-built model produced by Alfa Romeo in 18 units between 1967 and 1969. Starting from the racing model that was admired on the track, the version approved for road circulation is considered one of the most beautiful cars ever produced. In some respects the 4C and 8C were inspired by the 33 Stradale. To describe the design of the Arese jewel, the Italian house developed the concept of “necessary beauty”. A car so refined in style that someone would have to devise for the absolute enjoyment of the enthusiasts. The car was designed by the great Franco Scaglione and built by Carrozzeria Marazzi.

One of the features of the vehicle was the butterfly opening of the doors, also hinged on the roof. The centrally positioned engine, the same as the Type 33 racing engine, is a 1995 cm³ 90 ° V8 engine with 78 mm bore and 52.2 mm stroke, designed by the Director of Mechanical Design Alfa Romeo Giuseppe Busso and then developed by Carlo Chiti’s Autodelta. It was a sensational innovation. Designed entirely in aluminum and magnesium, it has double overhead camshaft distribution per cylinder bank, 2 sodium valves per cylinder inclined by 48 ° (33 mm inlet diameter and 28 mm in exhaust diameter), sixteen spark plugs (2 per cylinder), Spica indirect mechanical injection system with double electric petrol pump and dry sump lubrication.

A gem capable of delivering 270 HP at 9600 rpm in the competition version and 230 HP in the road version. Another interesting fact was the weight, just 690 kg, which made the car very compact and capable of crazy performance for the time. The declared maximum speed was 260 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds. Obviously, a modern car should make all alphists roll their eyes, exactly as the creature built by Carrozzeria Marazzi did at the time. For the new 33 road, Alfa Romeo would like to make use of the know-how of the Swiss company, Sauber Engineeringwith which he also collaborates in F1 and with which he has already developed models such as the Giulia GTA and GTAm.

A return of a supercar would give a new image to the Biscione, giving the Alfisti a new page of history. The idea of ​​bringing up the name of the Italian house with different thick models, including one with a central engine, has been in the head of the top for several years. In addition to an electric SUV, Alfa Romeo intends to focus on a new Giulia. The 33 Stradale could be a limited series of 33 units, with prices that could rise to half a million. It would be a special model, inspired by the historic design of the 1960s car, as you can see in the video below. Low, wide and with rounded elements that bring to mind even the most modern 8C. Admire the 33rd street in this render in all its beauty.

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