Allegri argues with the Inter bench: “One of them kicked me”


Allegri argues with the Inter bench: “One of them kicked me”
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from Massimiliano Nerozzi

In the middle of the first extra time, the Juventus coach was dismissed by referee Valeri. Shortly before, the quarrel with Inter Milan assistant manager Farris started

At the end of a match that was a bit of an amusement park (Barella and Perisic’s golazi) and a lot of saloon (two penalties, one at the var, bickering and the expulsion of Allegri), Inter celebrates, with everyone on the pitch singing under the curve, including Steven Zhang: I am happy to walk alongside such a group every day – says the Nerazzurri president – and I thank all the people who have given us this great happiness. Sigh and smile: This cup will remain in the history of Inter forever, but at the same time we have to try to the end for the championship. I am very confident.

Simone Inzaghi also rejoices, in the second trophy of the season: We had an excellent match – attack – against a very strong opponent. This team never gives up. He takes a breath: Now we have two games to play in the best way, but just enjoy such evenings with our fans. The joy for them too: We hadn’t won the Super Cup for 11 years and the Italian Cup for 10 years. More: There hadn’t been two finals in one year for years. I am satisfied for the players, for the club and above all for these wonderful fans who accompanied us from the first match. Not everything that does not scudetto is an optional: I wanted this trophy, my staff helps me every day to prepare for the races and a great satisfaction. He has no regrets, even if probably the two round of 16 of the Champions League with Liverpool have made us lose a few points in the league. Even if this Inter is close to the maximum: I can’t ask for more from this group, I’m happy and now we have to enjoy this beautiful trophy.

Instead, Massimiliano Allegri must let off some steamwhich still presents itself to the microphones with calm tones and volume under control, even if the soul is still in storm: I got angry because I got kicked by someone from Inter, but I didn’t see who he was. Even if he immediately clears up any controversy: It is not important to know what happened on the pitch, unfortunately we leave a year without a trophy. all anger that must be kept for next year. Pause, on the match that has just ended: There is bitterness, because the boys have made a good performance and we must congratulate them, but we are sorry because we have not been able to take revenge against Inter. Then, he immediately sets the next target: The goal of next season is to get back to winning.

The coach had exploded in the middle of the first extra period, after a dispute with the Nerazzurri deputy, Massimiliano Farris, then ended up in a cluster between the two benches. L, after being 2-1 ahead, Juve had crumbled and the dream of not ending the season with zero titles, as it had not happened to the Bianconeri since 2011, the last year before the era of records. After all, destiny is now tied more to the result than to the game, if only because we are in May, whoever had won would have been the good one (copyright of Allegri) and the other would not: it happened that Inzaghi took the Cup, holding ignited the hope of the homegrown triplet and cashing in the chorus at full volume of its curve. While the Juventus coach remained with the minimum wage, or qualification for the next Champions League. Yet, following his metaphor of the eve, the bianconeri had come close to taking the whole cake, and not just the icing that they added at the end of the season in the roaring years, so much so that it was prepared in two minutes, at the start of the second half, overturning the ‘1-0 initial. Stuff from Masterchef (of the result).

It goes without saying, seen from the opposite side, that of Inzaghi, at that juncture everything had become a mess, because Inter had not only been ahead, but also seemed to be in comfortable control. Another story in the second half, and in the overtime, with the Inter fans in euphoria model Papeete: this year there was no match. As he admits Chiellini, in the end: Inter are stronger at the moment. He will say goodbye to the Stadium on Monday: a farewell to Juve, I still don’t know about football.

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