Amazon Prime, prices increase in Italy: are you willing to pay more for the subscription?


Amazon Prime, prices increase in Italy: are you willing to pay more for the subscription?
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Amazon announced theprice increase of the subscription ad Amazon Prime in Italy: we are talking about an increase that goes from 25% for the monthly subscription to just under 39% for the annual one. Considering that we are talking about a very popular service and that offers a wide range of advantages, the news of the increase is inevitably one of the most discussed on the net these days, among those who believe that the higher prices are still congruous with respect to the offer proposed and those who instead it doesn’t fit and has already decided not to renew the subscription.

Let’s make a quick summary for those who missed the latest news: yesterday an increase in prices in Italy of Amazon Prime was announced, a service that offers subscribers various advantages, including exclusive offers, deliveries in 1 working day, access to massive catalog of Prime Video movies, TV series and documentaries and the monthly free games offered by Prime Gaming, just to name a few.

Starting from 15 September 2022, the monthly subscription will go from € 3.99 to € 4.99, while the annual subscription from € 36.00 to € 49.90. Starting from the same day, the price of the Prime Student subscription will also increase, from € 1.99 to € 2.49 for the monthly subscription, and from € 18.00 to € 24.95 for the annual one. This also means that you have until September 14 to make a subscription at the old price, at this address.

Amazon explained that the increase in prices, which we specify also concerns France, Germany and other European countries, is due to the growth ofinflation. However, this is a justification that has not convinced everyone. The Codacons rightly points out that “in the face of 8% inflation, Amazon has unilaterally decided to increase the costs of the annual subscription by as much as + 38.6%, more than 4 times the growth rate of retail prices“and for this reason he believes the”abnormal price increases and place users in a position of evident disadvantage“.

Breaking a lance in favor of the colossus of Jeff Bezos, it must also be said that this is the first increase since 2018 and that the prices of Amazon Prime in Italy are in any case lower than other countries. For example, in France the annual subscription costs 69.90 euros, in Germany and Austria 89.90 euros while in the United Kingdom in September it will reach 95 pounds, about 113 euros.

The opinions of users on the net are the most disparate, among those who think that the price increase of Amazon Prime is unacceptable, who despite everything will remain a subscriber given the advantages, and again, those who believe that all in all the old prices were even too low compared to that offering the service.

It is undoubtedly a delicate and extremely subjective subject. In fact, the truth is that each user can have a different perception of Amazon Prime and of the quality / price ratio depending on how many of the benefits offered from the service they really exploit.

What do you think? Does the new Amazon Prime tariff seem appropriate to the advantages offered? Will you continue to subscribe even after 15 September or have you already decided not to renew your subscription? Let us know in the comments.

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