AMICI 22 / Anticipations for registration episode 2 October 2022: disciplinary measure and singers at risk


AMICI 22 / Anticipations for registration episode 2 October 2022: disciplinary measure and singers at risk
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Amici 22, advance registration on 2 October 2022: first disciplinary measure

The first previews of the registration of Friends 22 which will be broadcast on Sunday 2 October 2022. According to reports from Amici News through SuperguidaTv, the boys received their first disciplinary measure. In the studio Maria De Filippi broadcast a video showing the wrongdoing of the singers in particular who left the studio without respecting the rules. The production therefore decided that the last classified in the usual cover race of the episode would end up in challenge. However, not everyone was punished: Aaron is not in detention because he never left the studio. Save also Niveo and Tommy but because of the unpublished race.

The Nuclear Tactical Penguins who sang their new single. Guests on the other hand for the cover and unpublished races Achille Lauro and Max Brigante. (Update by Anna Montesano)

Celentano launches a new challenge?

Today 28 September 2022 the new episode of Friends 22. This is the third afternoon that we will see, however, broadcast on Sunday 2 October on Canale 5 starting at 2 pm. Conducted as always by Maria De Filippi who also this week will put the students in front of new challenges. On the other hand, for the boys the past week was not an easy week, especially for the dancers. By now the talent has entered the heart and the professors are starting to probe the skills of the group.

Alessandra Celentano in particular he subjected all the dancers to a ballet exam of disastrous results for all but his pupils Ramon and Rita. None of the others managed to pass 3 as a grade. A result that could have repercussions already during the episode that will be recorded today. On the other hand, Celentano herself said she was ready to launch challenges and propose new students in the place of those who, for her, have no hope of improving in a short time. (Asia primarily!)

Friends 2022, new rankings and challenges: Rudy challenges Wax?

Alessandra Celentano, however, is not the only teacher ready to take advantage of the challenges with aspiring students. Also Rudy Zerbi expressed his dissent towards a student in particular: Wax. The singer, under Arisa’s tutelage, has been criticized several times by Rudy who anticipated the will to challenge him. Will it happen on Sunday’s episode?

All pupils also this week will then be tested for new rankings. New distinguished guests for singing and dancing will attend the performances of the students and draw up a ranking. The last one in dance and singing will be at risk of elimination and must present himself in front of his own professor.

Friends 22: the 19 students always at risk

Recall that at the moment lhe class of Friends 22 is composed of: Asia Bigolin (dance), Cricca (Giovanni Cricca, song), Maddalena Svevi (dance), Andre (Andrea Mandelli, song), NDG (Nicolò di Girolamo, song), Megan Ria (dance), Federica Andreani ( singing), Samuel Segreto (dance), Aaron Cenere (singing), Rita Pompilii (dance), Niveo (Marco Fasano, singing), Gianmarco Petrelli (dance). Piccolo G (Giovanni Rinaldi, song), Ramon Agnelli (dance), Wax (song), Samu (Samuele Antinelli, dance), Tommy Dali (Tommaso Daliana, song), Mattia Zenzola (Latin dance), Ludovica Grimaldi (dance). However, none of them are safe: every week they will have to prove that they are up to the fateful blue sweatshirt in order to stay still in the Canale 5 school.


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