“Amici 22”, Celentano keeps the secret about her boyfriend. And take the kiss with Todaro


“Amici 22”, Celentano keeps the secret about her boyfriend.  And take the kiss with Todaro
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In the school of Friends there is an air of change: Alessandra Celentano is in love and Maria De Filippi is continuing to investigate the mysterious identity of the dance teacher ‘s boyfriend. The presenter teased the teacher by organizing a small surprise, which had a hilarious consequence.

Alessandra Celentano, the secret about her boyfriend: Todaro kisses her

The mystery about the identity of Celentano’s boyfriend deepens: the dance teacher has no intention of unbuttoning herself on the issue, even if curiosity around the subject grows. During the last Sunday appointment it was Rudy Zerbi who got unbalanced, revealing that it could be someone who belongs to the school of Friends.

“It is true that she has changed – the professor had confessed – now she asks to be called the ‘teacher of love’. And then, she talks about it in the dressing room – and she even got some flowers. You said you are from the north ”. And it is precisely from this gift that Maria De Filippi started, showing a photo in the studio at the opening of the episode: “Flowers arrive at Celentano too!” She joked.

And from there a new toto-names started, this time with some eligible boyfriends suggested by the people of the web. The first name that came out was Rudy Zerbi. Among the laughter, Alessandra confirmed that there has always been a certain affinity between them, but the singing teacher came to clarify the situation completely: “I’m also flattered, but I think it would last as long as a cat on the ring road“.

After the names of Emanuele Filiberto, Stefano De Martino and even Garrison, Maria said: “The other candidate is here, and he is married: he is Raimondo Todaro”. At that point the teacher and Celentano’s “archenemy” got up from his chair, printing a kiss on the lips of the colleague to the applause of the audience in the studio. “We will go on like this, until we make it home!“, He threatened De Filippi with laughter.

Not just quarrels with Todaro: Celentano against Emanuel Lo

If a love was born with Raimondo Todaro – so to speak – the same cannot be said of Alessandra Celentano’s relationship with Emanuel Lo. The battlefield between the two was the challenge entrusted by the dance teacher to one of the pupils of the colleague, the dancer Rita.

Already the object of Celentano’s harsh judgments, the young woman was also criticized by Emanuel Lo, who considers her an artist not very expressive and communicative. The professor wanted to test her, giving her a choreography where she could stage her feelings about her: Rita was unable to pass the task, which obviously irritated her teacher.

The worst part is that this girl was left completely alone – Alessandra thundered – this is not a constructive job, she has not been taught the task ”. Emanuel obviously defended her positions, but Celentano did not let go, reiterating: “There are teaching methods for interpretation too, she needed to be helped to bring out her moods, that’s not how she works “.

The clashes between the two masters, however, did not stop here: Celentano wanted to give tit for tat to her colleague, proposing a challenge to his pupil Ludovica. In her opinion, the dancer has never shown her body and her femininity and for this reason she has given her a task to enhance them. Emanuel Lo, however, did not want the girl to complete the test, opening a heated debate. “Sensuality and femininity are independent of measures“, Explained Alessandra, while for the colleague the task was aimed only at embarrassing her pupil.

It is not the first time that Celentano entrusts evidence that points to embarrass the dancers of the school. Behind the desire to overcome limits and inhibitions to young artists of Friends, the dance teacher often forgets to be in front of the boys (mostly just of age), who have not yet found their way.


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