An extraordinary ISTAT index for 2022


An extraordinary ISTAT index for 2022
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The ISTAT adjustments that are being discharged today on families and businesses weigh heavily on the pockets of Italians, perhaps more than the tax burden. The analysis and the proposal.

The idea of ​​a possible hypothesis of application of a ISTAT index net of the increases in energy costs caused by the effects of the war in Ukraine, at least for the year 2022 or as long as there are the devastating effects of the ongoing conflict on the markets, it could have a positive effect on the current inflationary push.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi himself had highlighted, during the press conference following the CdM on 2 May last, how this ISTAT figure referred to the month of April, attested at 6.2%it would stop to 2.9%if we had excluded the effects of the increase in energy costs due to the current extraordinary situation that the world economies are undergoing.

Also Draghi pointed out in the same press conference that it is about temporary situations and as such to be faced with exceptional tools and that without effective government action they would end up weakening the economy, increasing poverty and then creating those permanent conditions of economic weakness and widespread poverty that the government intends to eradicate.

Why not think of applying this purified ISTAT figure instead of the ordinary indices?

Today, any increase in costs is necessarily passed on to final consumers and, remaining within the Indices measured in April, the cut from 6.2% to 2.9%, therefore a more than halved increase in the increases on indexed charges, would certainly have a positive effect on businesses and households.

Together with the other measures already introduced such as:

  • interventions on fuel excise duties;
  • the reduction of system charges on electricity and gas bills;
  • support for energy-intensive businesses;
  • the contribution on the extra-profits of energy companies;
  • the contribution to support the purchasing power of households referred to in the Aid decree.

it would affect more effectively the overall mitigating effects of the Government action implemented up to now for depotential the inflationary spiral, first of all the much discussed and probably unfair 200 euro bonus.

Think, given the current situation, to the effect of an average increase of 6/7% on commercial and residential lease rents as well as on index-linked contracts throughout 2022, an adjustment that I could define as “doped” and, moreover, would also drag its effects into future years when the increase will have to be applied to an amount that has crystallized within it the adjustment value of 2022 today affected from an extraordinary and temporary event such as the current conflict and then try to imagine the same scenario applying a theoretical average increase of 3%.

In an economic situation such as the current one that we are experiencing in our daily life, the effects of an increase in index-linked charges on average more than halved would considerably strengthen the strategy of the actions already implemented by the Government and an intervention by the Legislator on this – perhaps already during the parliamentary procedure of the Aid Decree – could certainly be desirable.


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