And finally Curry arrives! Last quarter sensational, Golden State comeback and extended 3-1


And finally Curry arrives!  Last quarter sensational, Golden State comeback and extended 3-1
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With eighteen points in the last quarter Stephen arms the overtaking of the Warriors at 45 ” from the siren on Memphis without Morant. Race 5 tomorrow night in Tennessee

Too much Curry for Memphis. The Golden State franchise man scores 18 of his 32 points in the last quarter and so the Warriors sprint 101-98 going up 3-1 and mortgaging the second-round playoff series. They were down by 12 points in the fourth period, never ahead until 45 ”from the end. But they even score 39 points in the last 12 ‘after scoring just 38 in the first half.

Regrets Grizzlies

Memphis gets stuck at the best. He had a 20-5 record without Morant, and he proves once more why: unanimous, compact, defends strong and shows a lucid Tyus Jones as a starting director. But in the final point to point she lacks the soloist who makes the difference with the pressure and the defense on her. Brooks stumbles upon an even grotesque offensive performance: he invents hitherto unknown ways to bury his team. He is the best defender of his opponents. Oh, by the way: just to change Dray Green he makes the decisive game in his own half: he stops Jackson’s triple on +3 in the final seconds.

One absence on each side

Coach Kerr positive in the Covid test, replacing him as evening head coach Mike Brown, who has just agreed to become, for 4 years, the next coach of the Sacramento Kings. Surreal. Morant, as expected, is unable to recover from the right knee injury suffered in Race 3 on the occasion of the contact with Poole, he is hooded in a gray sweatshirt. In the end, he is seen smiling garrulously on the bench while his parents go under him, reassembled dramatically.

The match

The score is 41-38 Memphis in the middle of the race. The guests get the first 24 ‘they want: low score, Jones, Morant’s substitute, with 10 points, Adams, starting relaunch, with 10 rebounds. The Warriors shoot with just 33%, Curry has 11 points, halfway through the race. Kyle Anderson is unleashed as a scorer, tonight, beyond the usual inspired readings even as he squabbles with free throws. On the siren of the third quarter Bane scores the goal of the host 69-62. The Warriors shoot with a disheartening 3-point 5/29. Then 74-64 on Jones’ triple, +10, maximum external advantage. And even 76-64: the surprise seems to be able to materialize. But a couple of Porter’s triples report under Golden State. Brooks, we whistled at the Chase Center, for the foul that injured Payton, he combines all the colors in attack: he splinters the basket in every possible way, rings turnovers. Curry equalized on 90 with 3 ‘to play and led him for the first time in the evening with 45 ”on the clock. Jackson eats a comfortable basket, Curry still scores +3 in the line. Then Jackson tries the triple for the draw, but is stopped by Green. Game over. Game 5 Wednesday night in Tennessee.

The words

Curry: “It’s basketball, we played horribly in attack for a long time, but the defense kept us in the game, and then in the end… the rest is history. Green does in defense what I do in attack ”. The difference. He also has time to laugh at it, fear passed: “Coach Brown head coach of the evening and 12-0 record in the playoffs in that role, with us? I thought they all traded us at the Kings… “.

Golden State: Curry 32 (6/11, 4/14, 8/9 tl), Wiggins 17, Thompson / Poole 14. Rebounds: Green 11. Assists: Curry 8.

Memphis: Jackson 21 (7/14, 0/7, 7/8 tl), Jones 19, Anderson 17. Rebounds: Adams 15. Assist: Brooks 8.


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