Andreotti’s son: “In Bellocchio’s film, falsehoods about my father”


Andreotti’s son: “In Bellocchio’s film, falsehoods about my father”
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from Massimo Franco

Stefano Andreotti, third son of the former premier Giulio, and the work «Exterior night» on the Moro kidnapping presented at Cannes: «Maybe the director will then study the cards and regret it. Just like he did with Calabresi 50 years later “

“Hor given that the director Marco Bellocchio regretted after fifty years of having been among the signatories of the notorious document against Commissioner Luigi Calabresi: right now that we want to make a film. Then they talk about Andreotti’s cynicism … I hope that in about twenty years, studying perhaps a bit of papers, he will also regret the distorted image they tell me of my father Giulio in his latest film on the kidnapping of Aldo Moro . That I will not go to see ». Stefano Andreotti, 70, third son of the former Christian Democrat premier who died in 2013, arrota the sarcasm and the French r “inherited from the family of my mother Livia Danese together with the short stature, because the Andreotti are very tall: including my son Giulio”. But he confirms above all how sidereal and unsolvable is the distance between the cinematic image of the emblem of Christian Democratic power in the so-called First Republic, and that which holds its family.

Excuse me, Dr. Andreotti, but there have been films in which even the kiss of his father to the mafioso Totò Riina has been credited, despite the perplexities of the magistrates themselves. But you didn’t react.
“Then we didn’t say anything as a family because my father was alive. And my father didn’t need defenders. I remember when he saw the film with Gian Luigi Rondi The celebrity in a private room, he said: “She’s a real rascal.” But she has never reacted, never sued, and we, out of respect for her, have indulged him, even if we don’t always agree ».

In your opinion, wasn’t your father cynical? For a man of power it is almost a gift, not a defect. Doesn’t she veil her filial affection?
«Look, I state that I have not seen the film but only read the articles referring to my father. But it was enough for me to see other works by Bellocchio such as the one on the repentant mafioso Tommaso Buscetta, who made him look almost like a hero. As for cynicism: the intolerable thing is that they paint my father as if he were responsible for the murder of Aldo Moro, insensitive to attempts to save him. Moreover, almost an obstacle to negotiations. This is a profound political falsehood and historical injustice ».

It is a fact that he was Prime Minister and the most exposed to the no to negotiations with the Red Brigades.
“But for the negotiation he was hardly anyone. Enrico Berlinguer and the PCI were against, Giovanni Spadolini and the PRI, the future head of state Sandro Pertini and a large part of the DC. The deal meant releasing terrorists from prison. Was it possible after the killing of five men from Moro’s escort? Those years were bad, and those after, with the trials of Palermo and Perugia, were even more infamous: Father lived them as a Purgatory on earth, he told us. But he could not accept being described as an obstacle to Moro’s release. It is a mystification, like that of portraying Moro as a politician who did not belong to the DC ».

If he had been kidnapped, what would he have done? What would you have done?
“We talked about it a lot, in those terrible months and after. He told us: if it happens to me, you have to do the same thing. The state cannot recognize a criminal and terrorist organization ».

It seems that Andreotti and the Moro case remain prisoners of the news. How do you explain it?
«It is a country with a short memory, in which the demonization of the DC continues by a left defeated by history together with the Soviet Union on which it actually depended and to which it was closely linked. And on the opposition between Moro and his party we forget that it was he who said in Parliament: “We will not be tried in the streets”. And he always wanted my father in Palazzo Chigi to lead the government with the Communists in the majority ».

It is a bit striking to see the Andreotti emerge as a family, and with this desire to rehabilitate the father figure, after for decades you seemed not to exist with your live and powerful father.
“It was my father’s choice, and shared by us, to grow up as much as possible as a normal family, making a cumbersome surname weigh as little as possible. And we were very happy about it ».

Don’t you even recognize yourself in the somewhat gloomy, mysterious image that some films have conveyed of your family’s private life?
“Not at all’. The truth is that even that description of our family was given on the basis of prejudice, without really knowing anything about us. My father was exactly the opposite of what was said. In his family he was full of humor, attention, life. And, he will seem strange to some, with affectionate gestures ».

You seem very proud of it.
“I don’t look, I’m very proud of him. And I want to remember how different he was from how the vulgate portrays him: colluded with the mafia, or so cynical as to have Moro killed. I remember the evenings with Monsignor Pasquale Macchi, Paul VI’s right hand man, at our house in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, in Rome, desperate for a canal to save Moro. Do you think that when that terrible 9 May 1978 Francesco Cossiga called my father to tell him that he had been found, for a moment he hoped that they had freed him and not killed him. He was a man with a clear conscience, and this is demonstrated by the serenity with which he faced death. He had a deep faith in God, which I don’t have that deep. “

What do the grandchildren think?
«For them it is a myth. A true grandfather, affectionate and attentive. Theirs was a strong, intense, complicit relationship ».

Isn’t he offering an image that is too angelic? His father was a controversial man of power, for some ruthless. And he was famous for his recommendations. Did you enjoy it?
“Let’s not joke. All four of us, two daughters and two sons, have made our career path away from power and politics. I’m just telling one episode. In 1977, my father was prime minister, a friend told me they were hiring at Siemens, in Milan. With the broken heart of a Roman who loves Rome, I went to the interview. Then I went to the employment office because at that time the clearance was needed. When the clerk read my surname, he instinctively said: “Andreotti … He is certainly not the son of that Andreotti, otherwise he wouldn’t be standing in line like the others …”. And I went to work as an employee in Milan ».

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