Anna, graduated from the Classical with full marks: “Five years that I will carry in my heart. I see my future in medicine”


Anna, graduated from the Classical with full marks: “Five years that I will carry in my heart. I see my future in medicine”
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“It was certainly a pleasant surprise to know that I got the most out of it.” Anna Righi is among the students of the Liceo Classico “Morgagni” in Forlì who finished her cycle of studies with 100. “It was certainly a pleasant surprise to know that I took the maximum – she confesses -. I have always worked hard at school and I’ve always done it with passion and dedication so it was very nice to finish this journey in the best possible way. I’m happy that my constant commitment has been recognized and appreciated “.

Who is Anna?

It is a difficult question that my Spanish teacher answered in a particularly imaginative but equally truthful way, defining me as a pineapple: very tough on the outside, but incredibly sweet on the inside. Furthermore, I am a determined person, sometimes perhaps a bit stubborn, with a strong critical spirit and a passion for detail and precision. In my free time I like to devote myself to reading and sports. I like to have an active lifestyle, in fact I play volleyball at the New Volley Academy, an activity that taught me the importance of teamwork, and I also like going to the gym.

Let’s rewind the tape of his path to the Classic. Why did you choose the language course?

Initially I chose the Linguistic because languages ​​fascinated me and intrigued me; also, at the time, my dream job was the interpreter and therefore this school was definitely the best choice to achieve my goal.

What are your favorite subjects?

I don’t think I have a favorite subject. I got hooked on every single subject I was studying (largely thanks to my professors). I am very interested in both the humanities and the scientific subjects as they both give me the opportunity to have a particular vision of the world. I have always used everything I studied as a form of personal enrichment and not as a simple notion, and my innate desire to always deepen any subject has allowed me to become passionate about all the subjects I have had the pleasure of studying.

How were the relationships with your classmates and professors?

I will always carry the high school years in my heart. I don’t want to say that I only have incredibly positive memories, because that would not be true, but even the negative ones have helped me in my personal growth. Since the first I was part of a very large class and consequently the numerous personalities with which you had to interact. We have never been a very close-knit class but when it was necessary to work together almost everyone was willing to participate.
Professors are the people I will most remember with affection and admiration for the rest of my life. I changed many professors throughout high school but each of them determined in part who I am today. Fortunately for me, I have established an excellent relationship with almost all the professors, who have always pushed me to improve myself, and for this I will be infinitely grateful to them. In fact, more than mere “authorities” who must impart notions, they were reference figures who taught me much more than just their subject matter.

Finally this year we are back in class. How have you lived these last two years that have carried out everyday lives?

The last two years have certainly been special, despite the dark periods that have characterized them, they have allowed me to understand a lot about myself.
I still remember the quarantine of 2020 and the hope that animated me in believing that it would all be over soon. From a scholastic point of view it was not easy as there were never lasting certainties, but the past years of the pandemic gave me the opportunity to take a journey inside myself and fully understand myself. Also, although Dad’s school life was incredibly tiring and not being able to go out freely, being at home allowed me to establish a much closer relationship with my parents and to understand which friendships were really important. In conclusion, even the negative things have their positive aspect and sometimes the difficulties open towards new visions.

More excited or determined to mature?

I would say a little of both. The excitement from the night before the exams and the anxiety that followed were felt, nevertheless I was very determined to give the best of myself in this state exam. In fact, my goal was not to go out with the maximum, but to sit down at the exam with the knowledge that I have done everything possible to prepare myself in the best possible way and the desire to put a little of myself in this test as well.

How will your tomorrow be?

Even now my tomorrow is full of question marks, but the only certainty that distinguishes it is my desire to continue doing things that I am passionate about and that I like. In September I will try the medical test that I am already preparing for, and regardless of how it goes this year, I am sure this career will be my future. Despite the scientific direction I want to give my life, I have no intention of giving up my passion for literature, languages ​​and philosophy. In the immediate future, of course, except for the preparation for the test, I will make sure to enjoy the summer a little, maybe even with a few trips.


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