Another 12 things on sale for Amazon’s Prime Day – Il Post


Another 12 things on sale for Amazon’s Prime Day – Il Post
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Amazon’s Prime Day began on Tuesday and despite being called “day” it will still last for the whole of Wednesday: subscribers to the Prime fast delivery service can still take advantage of the thousands of discounted products found on the site. Those who are not subscribers and have never been, can still take advantage of the discounts by signing up for the free trial month or they can try to look for equally advantageous discounts on other sites, since Amazon is not the only one to make offers and promotions in this period.

As we often remember, not all Prime Day discounts are really as advantageous as they seem: the initial price to which they refer is in fact only rarely what the product has kept up to that moment, given that on Amazon prices vary continuously and often are lower than the starting price even when it is not a discount period. Two free sites useful for seeing price trends and understanding if you are making a bargain or not are Camelcamelcamel and Keepa. After yesterday’s selection, we publish below other 12 opportunities that we think are interesting and with really advantageous discounts.

Silk pillowcases
In recent years, silk pillowcases have spread due to the alleged benefits they would have on skin and hair: not all the advantages attributed to them are scientifically based (we talked about them here) but they actually have some qualities and especially in this season they can give a nice feeling of freshness. If you are tempted to try them, these from Amazon Basics are for 21 euros instead of the usual 30, with attached eye mask and silk on both sides (sometimes they are found with one side in silk and one in cotton).

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German knives
Zwilling is a German brand among the oldest manufacturers of kitchen knives for home and professional use (it was founded in 1731). These days he makes discounts on this professional classic 20 cm knife that is good for cutting meat, fish, vegetables and chopping herbs and spices: it costs 49 euros instead of seventy. There are also, always discounted, a set of three knives (paring knife, meat knife, chef’s knife at 60 euros instead of 90), a bread knife (at 35 euros instead of 55) and a Chinese chef’s knife (at 38 euro instead of 50).

Things by Alessi
As always, in Amazon’s commercial events there are several offers from the Alessi household items brand. On this tour, the one on the kettle with handle and whistle in the shape of a bird seemed particularly interesting, which goes from about 115 euros to 84 (we know, in this heat you don’t think about a kettle, but it’s a moment that it’s October again. ). There is also a discount on the fragrance diffuser which costs 45 euros instead of 60, and on the silver-colored stainless steel fruit bowl at 56 euros instead of 73, one of the lowest prices it has had on Amazon. Finally, this cutlery set for six people is discounted for 64 euros instead of 80 and up.

A beach tent
Those who love to go to free beaches and stay in the shade without carrying bulky umbrellas might find this Amazon Basics beach tent useful which has excellent reviews and is almost 50 percent discounted: 19 euros instead of 32.

Cooler bag
A cooler bag may come in handy to carry your things to eat if you go to the beach or to other warm places. For some time now, an editor had been aiming for this one by Guzzini, which these days is for 15 euros instead of the 22 of when she first spotted it. Along with the cooler there is also a container. From the same brand there are many other things on offer, such as this “bubble” carafe, at 18 euros instead of 26, and this cake pan at 19 euros instead of 25.

To complete this short list of beach holiday things, there are discounts on flip-flops from the ubiquitous Havaianas brand and Crocs clogs, the ones universally known for their ugliness and extreme comfort, and which during and after the pandemic became quite big. fashionable.

Mountain things
Those who already know that they will spend days in the mountains, on the other hand, can look at the things of the brand specialized in sportswear CMP which in these days is offering discounts on different models of trekking shoes. Other brands to check out are Columbia, Gore Wear for running and cycling, Revolution Race, Salewa, and Salomon.

This set of 40 colors costs 44 euros, 10 less than usual: it is from the renowned London company Winsor & Newton, which also offers other interesting discounts these days, for those with the necessary artistic skills and desire to comb through.

An electric pizza oven
Some time ago we tried an Ariete electric pizza oven (here you will find the report of our experiments), concluding that it was an interesting product for those who often cook pizzas at home and want to reduce cooking times, approaching pizzeria results. These days it is for 69 euros instead of 90 in black and white.

A pasta machine
This one of the Italian company Marcato, which has been producing them since 1930, is discounted at 86 euros, its lowest price in the last two years (usually costs around 115) and has included in the package the accessories to obtain six pasta shapes: lasagna, fettuccine, tagliolini, spaghetti, raviolini and reginette (also called mafalde).

Absorbent underpants
There are also discounts on some models and some sizes of absorbent underwear from the NoBlood and Lovable brands: some we had tested and described in detail in this article. The discounted ones can be found here.

A vacuum cleaner robot
Roomba’s iRobot 600 series models are among the most recommended by reviews because they have the right balance between quality, durability and price. The 692 model, which usually costs from 200 euros upwards, is currently discounted at 180.

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