Anticipations Amici 22 of 3/11/22: the results of the challenges and the new rankings


Anticipations Amici 22 of 3/11/22: the results of the challenges and the new rankings
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A new episode of Friends 22the talent of Maria De Filippi which will be broadcast on Sunday 6 November on Canale 5.

This week the song judge on the covers will be: Christian Malgioglio. The judge of Tale and Which Show has returned to Maria De Filippi’s school to express his opinion on new talents. Another judge? Beppe Vessicchio for a surprise race. Musical guest of the episode? Marco Mengoni.

New race cover. The singers of Amici 22 were judged this week by Cristiano Malgioglio. The latter proved to be the best judge. Here are the grades:

Federica 10
Tommy Dali 10
Clique 10- who sang Rolling in the deep
Ndg 9 – who sang Mercy. After two weeks in last position, after the words of Lorella Cuccarinihe managed to get up.

Wax 9- who sang Captain hook
Niveo 7+
Ascanio 7+

A surprise singing contest was also held on Imagine. To propose were: Tommy Dali, Niveo And Aaron. To judge it was the beloved teacher Vessicchio. The best? Tommy.

Task of Aaron given by Arisa. The singer fully surpasses it by singing It’s me. Zerbi however, he has something to say underlining that: “it is a song that could sing in Ibiza on the beaches“.

On the other hand, judging the dancers was Froz. The votes assigned?

Maddalenat 8.5
Megan 8.5
Samu 8
Mattia 7.5
Claudia 7. All the boys in particular were involved: Wax and Clique who were in black tank top and sunglasses dancing wildly. Surely there will be laughs.
Rita 6.5
Ludovica 6+ . The dancer danced in heels, but she was not satisfied with the performance.
Gianmarco 6
Ramon he did not take part in the competition because he had to bring to the stage the hip hop task that was assigned to him and that Spillo demonstrated. With Ramon speak out Alessandra Celentano. The teacher scolds him because the dancer constantly seeks attention and tells him that he is not at Big Brother.

One of the most hilarious moments? In addition to the one in which Wax And Clique did they dance after Claudia? Surely the dance between Alessandra Celentano and Cristiano Malgioglio to a music danced by Megan shortly before.

The moment of balloons is back, which in recent years had given us various joys and a bit of trash. A balloon was for Elena D’Amario. To send it to him Samu who told her he’s in love with her and he’s sorry for the age difference.

Other balloon for Gianmarcofrom Megan who outspokenly points out the difference in behavior with her and with others and asks him not to be influenced by anyone. Balloon also for Ndgbut the sender remained unknown and for Samuel da Piccolo G. The singer told the dancer to have re-evaluated him and to acknowledge that he suffered a lot.

And then? A video has also arrived for Samuel. Last week he had asked, after those about the kisses of the various couples, if there was something for him too and so, jokingly, they showed how he was the third wheel among the various “lovebirds”.

Small G won the challenge wanted by Arisa. To judge it was Beppe Vessicchio. We will see this challenge on Monday in day time. Arisa she was no longer convinced of putting the boy at risk, but the latter still wanted to do it. The challenger? Two, or the one who lost against Niveo.

After winning the unreleased competition and working with various producers, the singles of: Wax, Ndg And Tommy

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