Anticipations Men and Women 11-05-22: implications between Ida and Riccardo


Anticipations Men and Women 11-05-22: implications between Ida and Riccardo
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Today, Wednesday 11 May, a new episode of Men and women.

The very famous dating show conducted by Maria De Filippiflanked as always by the two commentators Tina Cipollari And Gianni Spertihe told the events that alternate between the components of the parterre of Throne Over and the boys of Classical throne.

Here are some small ones anticipation of our mole present today in the studio during the recording:

Tina Cipollari absent in the studio.


Luca Salatino led in outdoor both Lilli Pugliese that Soraia Ceruti.

He reached Soraia in the dressing room, immediately after the last recording of Men and women and they did the external. Both said they were willing to recover their relationship that they had recently put on hiatus.

With Lilli instead things are getting better and better.

Veronica Rimondi led outside only Andrea Della Cioppa. Very nice exterior, he showered her with compliments and she appreciated it. They kissed.

Matteo Farnea he was very upset and was quite nervous throughout the episode.


At the study center Glory with Fabio And Riccardo Guarnieri.

Riccardoimmediately after the last episode he stopped Glory in the studio asking her to go out together to be able to talk to her. She did not accept. Once back in the studio Riccardo he went on to say he is interested in Glory but she didn’t seem to be interested anymore and said she just wanted to keep getting to know Fabio. At that moment she spoke Ida who quite nervously told that Riccardo no longer greets her and being disappointed, but Riccardo he replied that he does not greet her because he would not want to create misunderstandings and they argue.

We then moved on to the classical throne and just as the external of Veronica And Andrewduring the kiss they put the song “Make Noise” from Diodato. Riccardo he burst into tears and left the studio. Ida chased him.

Once back Riccardo he explained that he cried because it was the song he had dedicated to Ida after the marriage proposal. Maria so he asked the two if they wanted to dance and, after various hesitations, it was the same Ida to ask to dance. They danced tightly in the studio center, alone, both moved.

After the dance, Ida has definitely closed with Marco, the guy she was dating up to that point saying he had no interest in him. While the latter was going out he started arguing with Riccardo.

After the bickering, Ida he said that during the dance he said a Riccardo the phrase “It’s never too lateAnd he didn’t answer her.

From that moment on, the whole studio, including Maria they asked Riccardo what were your intentions with Ida because nothing was being understood anymore. He has no answers, and has always remained vague. Until Ida over and over again, more and more nervous, she asked him to give her some answers because she had admitted that she wanted to try again. Once again he did not answer her and in the end she sends him to “that country“, Leaving the studio. Riccardo he reached her and they kept fighting. Go back to the studio Ida he said he put a definitive point on it. Until she stepped in either Mariais Armando Incarnato than trying to make people talk Riccardo they understood that his not answering was simply a matter of pride. Until it was he who asked Ida to go out for dinner in the evening, she agreed.

Last week a certain arrived Maurizio to woo Gemma Galgani. The two went outside but returned to the studio the lady admits that she is not interested and therefore she has closed the acquaintance.

Parade moment: “the art of seduction“. Riccardo, dressed in a white jacket, shirt and pants, with a bouquet of red roses. He did his show and then he invited Ida to climb the catwalk, handing her the roses. Once the show is over, Riccardo he asked to put the music back on because he wasn’t finished yet. She picks up the music. The two have resumed dancing in a very sensual way, Riccardo unbuttoned his shirt and made a touch his chest Ida.

Mr. Alexander with a standing ovation from the whole studio.

Guests of the episode Nadia And Maximilian who say they have started a coexistence and that their love is continuing at full speed.

Today’s registration of Men and women ended with Ida And Riccardo in the center of the studio they were talking, filmed by the cameras.

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