Arco’s emergency room, it is a personal emergency, via three doctors and the Province requires doctors of Medicine: tomorrow the protest of Onda Civica


Arco’s emergency room, it is a personal emergency, via three doctors and the Province requires doctors of Medicine: tomorrow the protest of Onda Civica
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ARCO. The Emergency Department of the Arco hospital is in an emergency: another doctor is about to leave, the operation is at risk and tomorrow, Tuesday 31 May at 3 pm in front of the Civil Hospital, or a citizen protest will be held organized by Onda Civica, with the provincial councilor Filippo Degasperi.

The reasons – reads a press release – are the strong concern for the service, at the gates of a tourist season of increased attendance, the chronic lack of doctors and the lack of solutions after the promises of the health councilor Stefamia Segnana.

Civic Wave writes in the press release:

Ā«From the creation of a new highly specialized department to the use of doctors from the Department of Medicine to the Emergency Department. This is the desperate journey made by the Department of Health during this legislature towards the Hospital of Arco.

Traditionally, in the Arcense Emergency Department and Medicine facility, although part of an Operating Unit, they have always lived a life of their own, guaranteeing the community a great quality of service also due to the specialization of the medical and nursing staff.

In recent months, however, at the Arco Emergency Department, three doctors gradually passed away, for different reasons, while a fourth asked for and obtained part-time work. For some time the situation has been buffered by the Department and Health Authority with forced shifts and token-operated personnel.

Which he couldn’t hold. Here is now the solution proposed by the Province: send the doctors of the medical staff to the emergency room. A decision that risks transferring further and serious critical issues to that department. First of all, as the provincial councilor of Onda Civica Filippo Degasperi points out in a question given to the president of the provincial council Walter Kaswalder, “Mediina specialists lack specific training and preparation for the management of emergency cases”.

Then, moving personnel from Medicine will also result in the slowdown in the activity of the laboratories and the lengthening of waiting lists. In the end, Personnel not specifically trained for that type of emergency work will come to the emergency roomgreatly increasing the clinical risk for patients and operators.

The shortage of medical personnel in the Autonomy hospitals is becoming more alarming every day: this is due to the political short-sightedness, in the local and national field, of the limited number in medical and specialization schools. But also all” inability to attract new professionals to the Trentino health system. The phenomenon is now of an evident gravity: many medical behaviors are discovered, more and more doctors are moving away from our hospitals and the Emergency Department departments are the first to suffer from these deficiencies.

But throughout the legislature, little or nothing has been done to try to stop the drift, the serious disservice to citizens, without a general and far-sighted reform plan and with attempts at “collision” that can only lead to a significant deterioration in quality of the service.

At the beginning of the term the councilor for health Segnana had promised that she would spend on the opening of a department of Neurosurgery in Arco and now the risk for the hospital is instead that of having an emergency room not up to the demands of citizens. With a Provincial Council and a Health Authority that prove incapable of responding day by day with a reform plan to address the challenges of a post-Covid pandemic that reported all the shortcomings of a health sector on which for years the various provincial councils have ruthlessly focused on saving and containing expenditure, compared to the real needs of health of the population “.

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