Are you sick after eating? Beware of these symptoms


If after eating you experience some symptoms you must pay close attention, especially during the summer season and in the sultry heat. In certain cases, you need to call your doctor right away – that’s what it’s all about.

Too many times we are led to underestimate some symptoms. This is a bad habit that all people should stop doing for their own personal well-being and especially if it comes to frequent events. These could be real alarm bells that require immediate medical advice and that should not be taken lightly.

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How many times in our life have we been told: “prevention is better than cure”. A phrase that we have certainly said to someone we love and care in a particular way. Well, there is nothing more true. Since it is always valid advice. It is always helpful to adopt healthy habits and behaviors that can make a difference to our health.

Often it is advisable not only to change your lifestyle, but to contact your doctor or a specialist if we notice something strange. Only they can diagnose and subject individuals to certain treatments. Isn’t it strange that after eating we can warn of symptoms details. These are small signals from our body, a warning light that we cannot ignore.

Symptoms after eating: pay attention to what you feel

It can often happen that you feel some discomfort after lunch or after dinner. It’s not always about poor digestion, but some symptoms it is important that they are not taken lightly. Among all, there are four that can be small alarm bells for your health, so much so that it is good to immediately notify the attending physician or the medical guard.

Some people may have diarrhea I doubt after meals, so much so that I immediately run to the bathroom. In these cases the greatest risk is that of food poisoning, which has just recently occurred a sushi poisoning that resulted in a liver transplant. It is essential to be very careful, especially in the summer season and when storing food.

Another symptom that can be felt is the nausea. It is possible that individuals who are affected by this sensation suffer from irritable bowel, also called colitis or IBS. It mainly occurs in people who have an unregulated diet. In addition to nausea, abdominal swelling and pain in the colon that may radiate into the back and shoulders may be felt.

If they warn of dizziness after eating it means that you could suffer from postprandial hypotension. It is a rapid drop in blood pressure right after lunch or dinner, so much so that it can cause dizziness, falls and even fainting. This is because digestion needs blood and if the mechanism does not work properly, this symptomatology and hypotension could occur.

The last symptom we need to watch out for is the heartache or heartburn. If we feel it after meals, it means that the gastrointestinal discomfort is caused by stress or nervousness. A situation that could also generate an excess amount of sugar in the blood, since these people tend to eat more.

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