At the Cavallerizza the offices (with gym) of the Compagnia, literary bar and cultural hub


At the Cavallerizza the offices (with gym) of the Compagnia, literary bar and cultural hub
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The foundation has launched a tender for the design of the UNESCO heritage

Three years ago the flames destroyed part of the buildings of the Pagliere. That stake was the last chapter of the occupation of those who opposed the sale of the Cavallerizza Reale. Many things have changed since then. The Unesco protected complex changed hands. it was bought by the Compagnia di San Paolo and the University. With the commitment to redevelop and restore the former Savoy stables to the city. The transformation will also affect the Pagliere wounded by fire, where the new owners intend to create a cultural hub equipped with laboratories, an accelerator for artistic startups and a special employment office dedicated to musicians, actors and theater players.

We must wait until next year to have clearer ideas on how the Cavallerizza will become. The Compagnia di San Paolo has launched an international design competition which, after an initial selection phase, will collect the ideas of six groups that will participate in a restricted competition. The winner will be announced in January 2023. Up for grabs, there is a prize of 200 thousand euros. To conquer it, teams of architects and engineers will have to abide by a series of rules. The protected via Verdi complex and the enormous restoration works. Yet, in the plans of the banking foundation, there is the will to radically transform the functions of Cavallerizza.

In the Moscow Channel, the Company will set up its new home. The headquarters will have to assume an identity role – reads the design guidelines -, will have to promote a sense of belonging and make employees who leave the offices in Corso Vittorio work in a comfortable and welcoming way. There is talk of 130-150 people, a variable number because an increase in staff is contemplated. At the ground floor, an exhibition space will be created, a multipurpose room with 150 seats for presentations, screenings, small concerts, also open to the public, and a bar. The restaurant should not only dedicate itself to breakfasts or lunch breaks, but to propose initiatives such as, by way of example, a literary café. On the upper floors of the Mosca building, the Company has thought about building its offices. They will be super equipped. The work areas, the collaborative ones and the meeting rooms can count on a reserved dining room for 6-8 people, a gym (with changing rooms), a company baby parking for about twenty children.

In the Pagliere, on the other hand, a platform will be used for the cultural transformation of the city and the territory. The two bodies of the building, on the ground floor, will see the rise of a design greenhouse. There are eight workshops of different sizes for 20-40 people. Spaces intended for cultural and creative projects promoted by cultural organizations, in rotation, with the involvement of citizens through participatory practices. Nearby, the Compagnia di San Paolo would like to give birth a showroom and a cultural infopoint, with access from via Rossini, intended for tourists looking for news on the artistic events of the city.

The skills accelerator, on the other hand, will be on the first floor of the Pagliere. here the foundation plans (in 11 offices) to offer a consultancy service for cultural organizations, institutions and creative start-ups looking for legal or administrative support, advice to access credit. In addition, an orientation and work desk for artists and cultural operators will be launched. While in the attic, to read the Cavallerizza projects, offices will be set up for some cultural institutions, we are talking about the Cinema Museum. And the internal courtyard would be redeveloped by building a roof.

Finally, the Fratelli Vasco square and the Cablese passage, the pedestrian spaces between the buildings of the former Savoy stable, must be conceived as a street of art and culture, with the maintenance of the cobbled paving. The future Cavallerizza will also be equipped with devices and sensors for data collection to make it intelligent. It will certainly be very expensive: the redevelopment of the entire complex costs 34 million and 500 thousand euros. About twenty are needed just to renovate the Pagliere and the Manica del Mosca.

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