ATP Vienna: excellent debut for Sinner, Garin rules in two sets


Jannik Sinner, debut at the Austrian 500

Great entry to the ATP 500 in Vienna for Jannik Sinner. The blue, on his return after the problem accused in Sofia, clearly defeated the Chilean Cristian Garin 6-3 6-2, giving more than comforting signals about his physical and technical condition. After a couple of games of “running in”, Jannik got in motion, took the right measures on the field to his rival and started to download a progression that demolished the resistance of the Chilean. He practically never shivered in service (he lost his first points on his first ball only in the middle of the second set), finishing with 21 winners and 12 errors. A clear, clear success, thanks to a growing and very convincing performance in every phase of the game.

Garin held out as long as he managed to play an aggressive first shot after his serve. As soon as Sinner started to “make a big voice” also in response, the match split in his favor. He clearly shows the difference in speed of execution, depth and quality in the cross-country shots. Sinner served really well (9 Ace, 92% of points won with the first), he grew in response becoming more and more effective, and in the exchange he put into practice a “classic” scheme for him that brought him large dividends . Jannik in fact crushed Garin’s resistance in three moves: a very deep central blow (response, or first exchange blow), which sent Cristian away from the back row; then a very angled drive to close the South American in the corner, and closing with the third shot, now particularly effective a broadside still cross from the forehand, terrifying for angle, speed and precision.

Confident, steady, calm, Sinner raised the bar from the middle of the first set, safely running away to success. His physical condition seemed good, fast and snappy, no slag in the ankle. An excellent entry into the Viennese tournament, with 500 important points up for grabs. The ATP Finals are almost impossible, but it is good to finish 2022 well (perhaps shining in Davis) and then start even stronger in Australia. Under the watchful eyes of Cahill, Sinner wins and convinces. In the next round, Francisco Cerundolo. It will be a different game, the Argentine has other intensity and deeper blows.

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The chronicle

Sinner begins his match in service. An ace, right with the forehand, finally wins his first game. Even Garin to zero goes 1-1. The set advances quickly on the service shifts, in response it is difficult, even if neither of the two serves continuous and impregnable first balls. Jannik particularly suffers when the Chilean accelerates with a backhand cross. At 3-2 Sinner, the blue reaches 30 in response, it is the first time in the match. With an Ace (the second of his match), Cristian hits 3 all. In the first 6 games, no one has scored a point in return against the opponent’s first ball. The first shock of the match comes in the eighth game. On 30 all Garin sends along a right of exchange, here is the break point for Jannik. With an angled and precise serve, Cristian cancels it. It is the hardest-fought game of the match. With a very deep response, and then a somewhat lucky passer-by (badly hit ball that remains on the pitch), the blue gets the second break ball. This time Sinner plays very well: he nails Garin on the right with the right and changes with an acceleration along the line from the perfect angle. BREAK Sinner, ahead 5-3 and service. Not well the blue, a badly manages a backhand of Garin, then (still without first serve) throws a banal backhand into the net, classic not forced. 0-30. Aggressive Cristian, but Jannik defends himself well, changes pace with a right cross and closes. 15-30. Still with the right cross, very fast and even tighter, he goes 30-30, two points from the set. An external first causes the error in response from Garin, 40-30 and Set Point Sinner. Botta al T, the answer is on the net. 6-3 in 37 minutes of play for the blue. A very balanced set, decided by the only break in the eighth game.

Second set, Garin serves, but Sinner shines. First a splendid attack with the backhand from the center, for 30 all, then he enters in full response with the forehand and sinks from the right. 30-40, immediate break ball for the blue. A tape reject the reverse of Jannik, tie. Garin struggles to win the game, 1-0. In the third game Sinner engages the very high gears: from the center he takes the exchanges, moves Garin and then sinks, then easily closing on the net. Two splendid points, for the 0-30. Two break points arrive thanks to a long exchange closed with a splendid long straight line, which leaves the South American firm (15-40). Risks a super cross response Jannik, comes out a little; excellent the blue on the second, he works the exchange, moves the rival with his progression and puts him in with yet another fast angled cross right. BREAK Sinner, forward 2-1 and service. A couple of mistakes (both with the first ball in the field, the first of the whole match) for Sinner, but he consolidates the advantage by taking 3-1. Garin fails to make a difference with his lunges, and is punished on 30 all by a perfect backhand pass by Jannik. Ball for the double break! The blue is wrong with the right from the center, perhaps a bit slow with his feet in looking for the ball. Cristian remains in the wake, on 2-3. At 4-2, the Chilean is still struggling to serve. Sinner presses, plays deep, makes Cristian run. At 0-30, Jannik first slams Garin away from the backline, then shoves him with a terrifying forehand for angle and speed. 0-40, that’s almost three match points… Line answer and other cross right. BREAK Sinner, 5-2 and serve. He closes 6-2 with a practically perfect serve game and flies to the second round, against Francisco Cerundolo. If there was any doubt about the state of health of the blue, we can rest assured: Sinner is racing in Vienna.

ATP Vienna

Cristian Garin



Jannik Sinner [6]



Winner: Sinner

3 ACES 9
33/51 (65%) FIRST SERVES 26/43 (60%)
19/33 (58%) 1ST SERVE POINTS WON 24/26 (92%)
9/18 (50%) 2ND SERVE POINTS WON 12/17 (71%)
4/7 (57%) BREAK POINTS SAVED 0/0 (0%)
2/26 (8%) 1ST SERVE RETURN POINTS WON 14/33 (42%)
5/17 (29%) 2ND SERVE RETURN POINTS WON 9/18 (50%)
0/0 (0%) BREAK POINTS CONVERTED 3/7 (43%)
5/10 (50%) NET POINTS WON 6/7 (86%)
28/51 (55%) SERVICE POINTS WON 36/43 (84%)
7/43 (16%) RETURN POINTS WON 23/51 (45%)
35/94 (37%) TOTAL POINTS WON 59/94 (63%)
210 km / h MAX SPEED 211 km / h
194 km / h 1ST SERVES AVERAGE SPEED 199 km / h
164 km / h 2ND SERVES AVERAGE SPEED 156 km / h


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