AURONZO DAY 2 – Lazio, Luka Romero’s torpedo to close the training


Source: From our correspondents in Auronzo di Cadore: Carlo Roscito, Edoardo Zeno and Daniele Rocca

UPDATE AT 19:00 – At the end of training, Felipe Anderson, Basic, Zaccagni, Luka Romero and Cancellieri approach the grandstand to sign autographs and take selfies with the fans. The appointment is tomorrow morning for the fifth session of Auronzo 2022.

UPDATE AT 18:50 – The afternoon session ends with a crazy goal from Luka Romero who collects a cross from Felipe Anderson and throws down the door on a left-footed flight. Roar from the audience that appreciates the racing car of the young Argentine. A few shots on goal at the end of the training session. Kicking stops Cancellieri, Felipe Anderson, Basic, Luka Romero, Bertini, Akpa Akpro, Zaccagni and Kiyine.

UPDATE AT 6.45pm “1, 2, 3 fast. Reconquest and restart”. The words of Sarri who now deploys one team at a time and continues the work of high pressing.

UPDATE AT 18:30 – Canceled for offside a splendid goal to Cancellieri. Pedro still thinks to put everyone in agreement and signs the trio.

UPDATE AT 18:28 – Sarri reverses the teams and also the modules. Verdi with 4-3-3 and celesti with 4-4-2 (Immobile and Felipe Anderson in front). Meanwhile Pedro doubles up for the greens.

UPDATE AT 18:25 – Luis Alberto’s goal that brings the greens ahead with a surgical right that kisses the post and leaves no chance for Alia.

UPDATE AT 18:24 – Differentiated work for Patric and Coulibaly who are carrying out a series of repetitions on the side lanes.

UPDATE AT 18:18 – Movable door at the height of the trocar field. The match begins on a reduced pitch. Sarri tests his usual 4-3-3 against an ideal 4-4-2.

Celestial (4-3-3): Alia; Floriani Mussolini, Ruggeri, Radu, Raul Moro; Kiyine, Cataldi, Basic; Felipe Anderson, Immobile, Luka Romero.

Greens (4-4-2): Adamonis; Lazzari, Adeagbo, Kamenovic, Marinacci; Akpa Akpro, Bertini, Luis Alberto, Zaccagni; Pedro, Chancellors.

UPDATE 18:12 – During the drill, Sarri draws his two lines from four defenders during the ball turn: “Don’t stay so low, I want to see you out of the box.” The intense work on the offensive pressing of the Biancoceleste coach continues.

UPDATE AT 18:00 – Sarri fielded the two teams on the field. It is played with a single goal defended by Adamonis and Alia in turns: high pressing and goal conclusion. Here is the division.

Heavenly: Floriani Mussolini, Patric, Ruggeri, Radu; Kiyine, Cataldi, Basic; Felipe Anderson / Luka Romero, Immobile, Raul Moro. greens: Lazzari, Adeagbo, Kamenovic, Marinacci; Akpa Akpro, Bertini / Coulibaly, Luis Alberto, Pedro, Cancellieri, Zaccagni.

UPDATE AT 17:52 – The warm-up phase takes place under the watchful eyes of a silent Maurizio Sarri who in the meantime has lit a customary cigarette.

UPDATE AT 5.45pm – Two working groups, steps and movement on the short. This is the afternoon warm-up. The three goalkeepers are also ready for training with Grisons.

UPDATE AT 17:40 – Biancocelesti on the pitch and in a circle to listen to Sarri’s words at the beginning of training. The coach will work with the entire team.

Lunch break finished. It’s time to get back on the pitch. The biancocelesti return to the Zandegiacomo stadium in van and get ready for the afternoon session. After Felipe Anderson’s press conference, the fourth training session of the season can begin under the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. A new face this afternoon in Auronzo. After the medical examinations this morning, Patric has joined his teammates in retreat and will be regularly on the pitch.

UPDATE 11:55 AM – The morning training session is coming to an end. Everyone in the locker room. The appointment is at 5:45 pm for the afternoon ride, immediately after Felipe Anderson’s lecture.

UPDATE 11:50 AM – The defensive exercises continue with Sarri in conversation with all his players. Great attention and attention to detail for the coach who requires an extra focus on the posture to be kept.

UPDATE 11:25 am – It’s up to the defenders. Same exercise as yesterday, defensive line that escapes on the long throw. Sarri makes himself heard and asks his boys to keep the line. On the field Lazzari, Radu, Kamenovic, Floriani Mussolini, Adeagbo, Ruggieri and Marinacci.

UPDATE 11:15 AM – Finish the job for midfielders and forwards returning to the locker room. Some exercises are planned for them in the gym. In the meantime, the defenders who are playing the athletic part on the adjacent pitch have entered the pitch.

UPDATE 11:05 AM – The silence of the Zandegiacomo stadium is interrupted by a eurogol di Toma Basic. A fireball thrown from 25 meters that bags itself at the intersection of the poles where Adamonis can do nothing. Convinced applause from teammates and fans, the Croatian laughs.

UPDATE 10:52 AM – Under the watchful eye of Sarri and Martusciello we proceed with the first offensive plots. Ball retrieval and then attack at depth.

UPDATE 10:47 AM – We still worked on offensive pressing. The coach divides his boys into two small teams from midfield upwards. Rossi: Cataldi, Akpa Akpro, Luis Alberto, Pedro, Zaccagni, Cancellieri. Celesti: Bertini, Basic, Kiyine, Raul Moro, Felipe Anderson (who alternates with Luka Romero), Immobile.

UPDATE 10:45 AM – The athletic part ends. Soi returns to the main court. Sarri calls the group together.

UPDATE 10:38 AM “Lazio has always been your first love. Go home with the eagle on your heart … the North is waiting for you”. While the team’s training continues, a banner for Alessio appears in the stands of Zandegiacomo Romagnoli. The biancoceleste supporters send a clear message to the now former Milan center that has been gravitating to Lazio for several weeks.

UPDATE 10:29 AM – Sarri divides the group in two for the morning session. Defenders in the gym, midfielders and forwards in the adjacent pitch to play the athletic part. Property welcomed by the usual roar of the fans present in the stands.

UPDATE 10:27 AM – Here’s the team! In the group there is also Danilo Cataldi who, after the first day of differentiated work, will train with the rest of his teammates.

UPDATE 10:15 AM – The first to enter the field are the three goalkeepers. Alia, Adamonis and Furlanetto ready to warm up with the staff.

UPDATE AT 10:00 – Almost everything is ready for morning training under the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Balls on the lawn and arranged in the adjacent pitch. Another athletic and tactical session is foreseen.

AURONZO – Second day of training for the Lazio. Arrival at Zandegiacomo is scheduled for 9:30, then the usual one will start morning session, mainly focused on the athletic part and on the ward movements. Expected in the afternoon Patric, who was in Paideia this morning for sports fitness visits. Still waiting for Marcos Antonio and Mario Gila.

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