Austrian GP: accident for Hamilton, against the wall. Verstappen first Direct


Austrian GP: accident for Hamilton, against the wall.  Verstappen first Direct
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from Daniele Sparisci, sent to Spielberg

Atypical Friday at Spielberg: Red Bull-Ferrari head to head in the only free practice session on Friday with Verstappen in front of Leclerc and Sainz seventh

5:54 pm – Hamilton on the wall, red flag

Lewis lost control of the Mercedes and crashed into the barriers.

17:52 – Verstappen increases the pace

First time for the Dutchman, followed by Leclerc and Sainz. Charles staggered by just 91 thousandths.

17:50 – Q3 starts

The decisive session. Remember: whoever wins the pole will start in front of everyone in the Sprint Race on Saturday, which will award points to the top eight.

17:48 – Challenge to three for pole?

From what we have seen, Mercedes may also be in the game. Perez under investigation for exceeding the limits of the track.

17:43 – McLaren undriveable

Norris couldn’t control the car, always oversteering. McLaren is fighting in no man’s land for fourth place among the constructors. But at this point he has to look behind and not in front.

17:41 – Q2, Leclerc in the lead, Norris out

Leclerc, Verstappen, Hamilton, Sainz, Russell, Perez, Magnussen, Ocon, Alonso and Schumacher. Outside Gasly, Albon, Bottas, Tsnuoda, and Norris.

17:38 – Perez is saved

The Mexican returned to the track and managed to avoid the sensational exclusion. But his time was not exceptional, sixth.

5:35 pm – Norris and Perez struggle, Leclerc sets the pace

A few minutes to the end of the session, a difficult Friday for Norris who had run very little in free practice due to a breakdown. Perez is also struggling a lot, very far from Verstappen’s performances. Leclerc signs the fastest lap.

5:31 pm – Mercedes is fine

From Silverstone the Mercedes has grown, even the rivals have noticed it. At this stage of the championship Hamilton seems to be better off than Russell.

17:29 – 10 minutes to the end of Q2, the situation

Hamilton, Verstappen, Russell, Leclerc, Sainz

17:23 – Q2 starts, Leclerc is already flying

The second qualifying session has started, at the end of which ten will remain to fight for the pole. Ferrari is already on the track, and so is Red Bull. Leclerc and Verstappen are already running very fast times, but also watch out for Russell and Hamilton. English is now the fastest.

17:20 – Q1, the top 10

Leclerc, Sainz, Verstappen, Alonso, Hamilton, Perez, Russell, Norris, Magnussen, Schumacher.

17:17 – Q1 ends: Ferrari double, Vettel starts last

In the first qualifying session: Leclerc ahead of Sainz, then Verstappen, Alonso, Hamilton. Eliminated Ricciardo, Stroll, Zhou, Latifi, Vettel.

5.15 pm – Schumacher also did well

Motivated by the first points in his career in F1 (at Silverstone) Mick Schumacher is running on excellent times with the Haas and in front of his teammate Magnussen.

17:12 – Ferrari-Red Bull head to head

As soon as he pushes Verstappen a little it is scary, but his time is overtaken by the Ferrari couple. Leclerc and then Sainz, the Spaniard at 241 thousandths.

5:10 pm – Hamilton’s lightning

Lewis impresses with a quick lap in 1’06 ” 079, Perez trailing by just 64 thousandths.

17:08 – Verstappen now enters the track

The Dutchman is about to enter the track, ten minutes from the end of Q1. The delay due to a problem with the helmet visor: his first time canceled for having exceeded the limits of the track, again at turn 10.

5:05 pm – Leclerc has a very strong start

Charles also loves this track, another fast lap. This circuit reminds me of the times of karts, short. We have been competitive in the past too and I really hope now to leave everything behind with a clean weekend, he said as soon as he arrived in Austria.

17:03 – Sainz’s best time canceled

The Spaniard overshot the track at Turn 10 and his best time was canceled. Now in command is Leclerc, then Perez and Norris.

17:01 – Let’s go!

as soon as Q1 starts, five drivers will be eliminated in the first session. Red Bull intervened on Sergio Perez’s car, on the bottom of the car. The Mexican has been struggling for a while compared to Verstappen. Also for a different technical approach to the developments, which go well with the leadership of the Dutch.

4:55 pm – Cars ready, how important is this pole

Final preparations before the start of qualifying: the cars are about to leave the garages. Pole is less important here than elsewhere and with the Sprint Race even less decisive. But it is always better to start from the front than to find yourself chasing. Especially for Leclerc, who must reduce a gap of 43 points in the standings.

4:46 pm – Does Ferrari already have an engine in free practice?

The doubt of many experts, including Helmut Marko: since when he has to fight against reliability problems, Maranello’s strategy is to avoid risks and lower power when not needed. We will see how much will go up in qualifying.

16:35 – Four victories for Verstappen in Austria

Max has a particular feeling with the Austrian circuit: he won in 2018, in 2019 and twice last year (taking both the Austrian and Styrian GPs, one week later.).

16:30 – What are today’s qualifying for?

Everything is ready at the Red Bull Ring for qualifying for the Sprint Race on Saturday: today’s format follows the classic one of the fast lap. Three sessions (Q1, Q2 and Q3), the pole will be counted in the official statistics (as opposed to last year) and the positions will determine the starting order of the Sprint Race on Saturday (This is how the mini-race works )

16:26 – The technique: Red Bull uses a kit to breathe better

The Red Bull Ring a demanding circuit for the engines, the home team brought updates to increase the cooling system: Piergiuseppe Donadoni explains how the package works and where the interventions were made. Ferrari instead runs with the same car used at Silverstone.

14:53 – The internal rivalry of Ferrari

Qualifying for the Sprint Race will also be interesting to see the internal duel at Ferrari. Carlos Sainz, after his first career win at Silverstone, wanted to clarify his point of view: We didn’t make the wrong strategy, I won and Ferrari won. A vision opposite to that of Charles Leclerc, who clarified the tensions in a dinner in Monte Carlo with Mattia Binotto.

14:49 – The complete times of the first session

Here are the times of the first free practice session of the Austrian GP

14:35 – Not the usual tests, you had to push right away

With the Sprint Race format and qualifying already at 5pm today, the teams had little time to adjust their set-up or study alternative solutions. Verstappen pushed straight away to be sure to play for the pole that will win the first box of the sprint race on Saturday. How much is the performance of the Mercedes worth? Enough because improvements from Silverstone are important, but Ferrari and Red Bull are still far ahead.

14:31 – Free Practice 1 finished, Verstappen in front of Leclerc

Verstappen was the fastest in the free practice sessions of the Austrian GP: the Dutch finished ahead of Leclerc, the Ferrari driver 255 thousandths of a second behind. an interesting head-to-head with the slightly favored Red Bull. Behind Max are George Russell with Mercedes, Perez, Hamilton, Magnussen. Seventh Carlos Sainz.

14:25 – Verstappen starts very strong

Red Bull expects to be a favorite on the home circuit, thanks to a few features: an efficient turbo, and small aerodynamic improvements. The Dutchman signed the best lap in 1’06”302. Last year he won two races here: he is strong not only on the flying lap but also on the race pace.

2.20 pm – Anti-porpoising legislation slips

The meeting between teams, FIA and F1 ended: among the approved innovations there is the postponement of the porpoising directive. Federal controls on the acceptable level of taxes will start from the Belgian GP at the end of August. They were to be applied starting from the French GP, in two weeks.

14:16 – Trouble for Norris, Bottas will start penalized

The Englishman of McLaren remained on foot, technical trouble for a McLaren that is struggling to find the ideal state of form and very far from the top teams. Valtteri Bottas, on the other hand, will start penalized: he has changed another engine on the Alfa, the fourth power unit. And the confirmation of how Ferrari’s reliability problems are still present, therefore it is necessary to always have fresh parts.

2:07 pm – Few changes to Ferrari

Ferrari took to the track with the same car used at Silverstone, Leclerc expects to be competitive

or. a track he loves, here in 2019 he engages in a nice duel with Verstappen who then wins the race. From that moment – Charles said – I changed the approach to hand-to-hand.

11:25 am – How does it work?

Instead of the second free practice, the qualification for the sprint race starts, which assigns the winner 8 points, the second 7, the third 6, the fourth 5, the fifth 4, the sixth three, the seventh two and the eighth one.

11:22 am – There is the sprint race

The Austrian one will be the second stage of the world championship in which the Sprint Race will be staged, a 100-kilometer race that will take place on Saturday and which counts as qualifying for the grid for the real Sunday Grand Prix. But that also awards points.

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