Auto, settlement price with the judicial auction: but watch out for these 4 errors


The judicial auction can give you your dream car. And it can also do it at a favorable price. But watch out for these 4 mistakes not to make.

There can be tons of opportunities to buy the car of your dreams. In this case, the auctions for i vehicles they can be a trail to follow. Above all because not only can you find a model that we have always followed but also because the price can be really low. In short, this situation does not seem to have negative implications but it is not. In fact, in an auction we have to be careful of these 4 mistakes.

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When we are faced with the purchase of a car we have to consider various aspects. We have to do this if we are in a dealership and we also have to do it during auctions. This is because, usually, there are many tricks that can turn the sale into something very expensive. Especially if you are not an expert on these auctions.

These events, especially in the last period, are gaining ground. Even because car prices are rising more and more. Returning to the subject of auctions, for example, in Lombardy the Region has auctioned two cars that belonged to the former governor Roberto Formigoni. The two cars auctioned were one BMW cost 270,000 euros and one Armored Lexus. So let’s see how there could be unrepeatable opportunities. As mentioned, however, there are mistakes not to be made. Here are which ones.

Auto, the judicial auction can give you a dream: watch out for errors, they could cost you dearly

The auction, therefore, can be a huge deal for those interested. On the other hand, however, not everyone is an expert on these events which could lead to unpleasant situations. The first mistake not to make is to not know the regulation. Anyone who goes to an auction must have a clear understanding of the rules. This also does not apply to all auctions. Above all we must focus on terms of sale he was born in payment.

The second mistake is to think that the price with which the article was awarded is the final one. There are costs that need to be added when buying a vehicle during an auction. We think of VAT but also of the costs related to assistance. Before bidding, perhaps, there may be a request for a security deposit. In addition to these costs, there are those required for the car such as registration. Before making a bid, we must first know the final sum.

The third mistake not to make concerns the evaluation of the car. This must be done with the utmost attention. It is therefore necessary to understand the wear of the vehicle and, therefore, to see its real value. So as to make a fair offer. To see the state of the car you can rely on the photos and description. By making an appointment with the caretaker you can have the opportunity to see the car live. In general, however, it is not possible to know if there are any faults.

Lastly, attention must be paid to the vehicle status. Usually, an auctioned car ends up in one debt situation. Therefore, the debtor cannot participate in the event by law. Before making the offer, therefore, it is also necessary to analyze this situation of the vehicle. So as to make sure that there are no other charges. In this case, talk about past debts. To overcome this obstacle too, attention must be paid to the car card. In the document, all the details are specified.

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