Bathroom, if you go there more than once a day you are taking a big risk: do not underestimate


Going to the bathroom more than once a day indicates a very serious health problem. Here’s what you risk.

Bathroom –

During our day, there are private moments that need all the possible and imaginary tranquility just to ensure that our body is free from all toxins and excess quantities.

We also do this through the defecation, but many times there are situations in which we find ourselves having to escape into bath in moments when we would never want to go and find ourselves in places that are not those of home.

Bathroom: that’s what you risk going there often

During these episodes, therefore, we are forced in the most desperate cases to use the first toilet we have available and to make sure that our body is free and gives us well-being.

Bathroom: the risk of going there several times a day
Go to the bathroom several times a day –

But we must be very careful not only to the hygiene of the water that we are using but also how we can make sure that after the need we can have perfect intimate hygiene, since not all bathrooms are equipped for this.

There are also people who, due to a particular diet or problems such as colitis or irritable colon, are prone to having to go to bath more than once a day than the average.

Usually, the times you go in bath they are early in the morning, as soon as our body starts up again or immediately after lunch or dinner. There are also some foods that favor this moment.

Bathroom: the risk of going there several times a day
The problems of going to the bathroom frequently –

For example, it is common to run away to the bathroom often after having a drink coffee and smoked one cigarette, or after having eaten some foods that favor the evacuation of some substances from ours intestine.

But going to the bathroom often throughout the day, as well as being a bit boring due to the fact that you have to stop what you are doing several times a day, could also indicate a health problem.

According to some research, there is a strong correlation between the bowel movement and the cardiovascular diseases and consequently who goes in bath several times a day would have some problems under the cardiac point of view and would be more a risk of heart attack.

The investigation

To confirm this thesis there was ainvestigation made on a group of 480,000 people aged between 30 and 79 who have never had any serious physical problems in the previous ten years.

With this survey, it has been shown that people who tend to go in bath more than once a day during the 24h are those most exposed to the possibility of having heart problems compared to those who go there only once.

It was also highlighted that the continued frequency of bath it would lead to some complications which can become chronic such as kidney problems, diabetes as well as bronchopneumaties And problems related to heartbeat.

Bathroom: the risk of going there several times a day
Going to the bathroom often could lead to heart problems –

But not only that, the problem of risks is not attributed to that number of the population that often goes to visit the toilet but also to those who have problems with constipation, in fact it has been shown that even these people seem to have heart problems.

Therefore it is always better to intervene first and be able to immediately recognize the symptoms that can lead to a heart attack. For this reason the BHF (British Heart Foundation) indicated among these the chest pain which then spreads to other parts of the body, one shortness of breath and a sense of exhaustion and of fainting up to a continuous nausea.

Obviously this correlation is only the result of an indagine and don’t be alarmed if you go in bath but it is always better if there are suspicions to talk to the doctor or one specialist.

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