Battlefield 2042, the tried of Season 1: Zero Hour

Battlefield 2042, the tried of Season 1: Zero Hour
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We have tried the Zero Hour season of Battlefield 2042 and we are ready to tell you all the new content coming to the Electronic Arts shooter.

We often talk about the death of single player video games, also because the sector, for years, seems to be convinced that it is really difficult for a multiplayer project to fail and send up the millions of dollars that were necessary to develop it. The evidence, however, speaks to us of a totally different reality, a reality in which it is not only very easy for a multiplayer title to fail, but that it does it in a great way, ending up with deserted servers within a few weeks. Titanfall 2, and many others like him, now rest in an endless elephant desert where no matter what qualities you had, you are there because you have never managed to capture the interest of your community all the way, for a reason or for the ‘ other.

Battlefield 2042, from this point of view, is on the verge of a black hole and risks a lot, since we know the importance that the brand has for Electronic Artsbut we are also aware of the numbers the game is posting month after month.

Some might say that the shooter developed by DICE the train has already lost it, but the Swedish studio has no intention of giving up and in an attempt to relaunch the game is about to publish a first wave of content, simultaneously with the Battlefield 2042 Post-Launch Support Season 1 begins.

With a few days in advance of the release, set for next 9 June, we have tried Season 1: Zero Hour of Battlefield 2042 to understand if the revolution that the title developed by DICE so badly needs was coming.

Zero hour

An assault helicopter, one of the main new features of Season 1

As the name of the season suggests, Zero Hour, with this update EA aims to turn back the hands of the clock, offering the community the playful experience that should have made its debut in the fall of last year. For DICE it was primarily a question of questioning one of the most publicized strengths of the new chapter: the post-launch support of Battlefield 2042 will abandon the idea of 128 players, which did not work as the team imagined, to focus on smaller maps and modes. Not surprisingly, the 128-player Breakthrough playlist had been removed from the servers for some time, a symptom of how DICE has identified precisely in this aspect one of the reasons for the game’s failure.

In these difficult months, DICE wanted to restart from the community’s feedback, intervening where it was evident that things had not worked properly, and it is no coincidence that one of the main news concerns the total rethinking of Kaleidoscope, the map that develops around a large park almost devoid of any cover. In August, the setting will undergo a major renovation, which will add several covers near the flags, and which will make the park more irregular, increasing the chances of survival of the infantry. It’s a shame that the makeover comes so late, but for the studio it’s undoubtedly a first step in the right direction.

A new map

A glimpse of the new Exposure map
A glimpse of the new Exposure map

In the ABC of how a live service video game develops, we are sure, there will be some indication as to how important it is to guarantee a constant flow of new content, the real lifeblood of any product that has the ambition to survive for more than two weeks. In spite of every manual, DICE hasn’t been very generous to the community in the 8 months of preseason and it’s paradoxical to tell you today how Battlefield 2042 is finally getting the first new game content since it hit the shelves.

Starting Thursday, Conquest and Breakthrough modes will be enriched with a new map, Exposure, set between the peaks of a mountain system crossed by a hive of tunnels and galleries. The area is characterized by a very access verticality and will be dominated by aerial vehicles, but there are several indoor targets that can be the protagonists of violent close-range firefights.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

We only tried it for a few hours, but it seemed like a fairly balanced map, which expertly mixes very different situations and contexts. Height, without any doubt, is the advantage that you will always want to have on your side in games on Exposure: from the top of the colossal mountain you can manage the objectives placed on its slopes, while with a parachute or a wingsuit you can quickly reposition yourself and order rapid assaults on enemy positions.

We have to admit, we liked Exposure and we enjoyed all the “Battlefield moments“which she was able to give us, but something more was needed to revive the fortunes of 2042, and a single map, for who knows how many months, risks arousing the ire of a community that is already sufficiently exasperated.

The nerve center of the Exposure map, a meeting room located on the side of a colossal mountain
The nerve center of the Exposure map, a meeting room located on the side of a colossal mountain

If DICE could do more on the map front, we could say the same for the other contents coming with Season 1, which in no way bring that revolution hoped for by fans.

To begin with, Zero Hour will mark the debut of a solo specialist, Ewelina Lis, who, however, has the potential to shake the goal of the game related to vehicles from the ground up. The unique gadget of Ewelina is in fact the G-84 TGM, a powerful guided missile that can be manually aimed at any target, without resorting to coupling. If hitting planes and helicopters was complicated but not impossible, the tanks turned out to be a very easy victim for the new specialist, to the point that during the hands-on it was impossible to survive in any armored vehicle for more than a few seconds.

Among the other upcoming innovations we find the introduction of assault helicopters, a highly anticipated addition from the community. Present from Thursday in two distinct variants, the helicopters will have a similar operation to those of the previous Battlefields, hosting a pilot and a gunner, but will have the possibility of retracting the weapons to be invisible to radars, in order to protect themselves from anti-aircraft rockets.

The new Battlefield 2042 specialist
The new Battlefield 2042 specialist

Not good, in our opinion, even the number of weapons and gadgets coming with Season 1. The only real one new weapon is the BSV-M, an openly AS Val-inspired autofire DMR that performs as well up close as it does from afar thanks to the deep customization afforded by the game’s instant editor. This is accompanied by a crossbow, which however is not suitable for all contexts, and by a new grenade launcher, which ejects three small smoke bombs useful to cover the movements of the team.

All three of these items will be available in the new Battle Pass of the game, which over 12 weeks will provide 100 levels full of rewards. As is now customary, the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass will also be divided into two categories, premium and free: the first is predictably packed with cosmetic elements for weapons, specialists and vehicles, while the second allows you to get the new gameplay content without spending a EUR. In short, a solution that alone will not bring the DICE shooter to the top of the ranking of the most played games, but certainly good news for the fanbase of aficionados who still spends its time among the game’s servers.

After 8 months of deafening silence, DICE should have compensated the Battlefield 2042 community with a stellar update, capable of fielding a battery of goosebumps content. The Swedish studio shooter has obvious qualities and with an unforgettable Season 1, witness to the studio’s unwavering will to redeem a game on the brink of oblivion, something could have been saved. But with a single map, a handful of new content, and Hazard Zone left to itself, Zero Hour is in serious danger of condemning the work of the developers once and for all, although the quality of the individual elements of the expansion is level.


  • The Exposure map is fun and balanced
  • The Battle Pass may engage the community in the months to come


  • Too little content for a shooter that has to resurrect
  • The first rework of a map comes in August
  • Hazard Zone is left to itself

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