Beautiful: Quinn and Bridget find Eric in bed with Donna | American advances


Beautiful: Quinn and Bridget find Eric in bed with Donna |  American advances
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In the American bets from Beautifulthe affair between Eric Forrester And Logan woman is about to be discovered by the designer’s wife, Quinn Forrester! The designer, in fact, will surprise her spouse in the company of her lover, but she will not be alone: ​​one of her daughters, as well as Logan’s granddaughter, with whom Eric has been cheating on his spouse for some time, will also pinch Eric in a compromising position. , that is to say Bridget Forrester!

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We had anticipated it for you. Brooke and Eric’s daughter would see herself again in the episodes aired in the USA at the beginning of the summer, as an integral part of a storyline, and the story is precisely the betrayal by her father. Do you remember? Quinn recently turned to Bridget as she was alarmed by a potential health problem of Eric, monitored thanks to a smart ring that, in real time, sends information about her vital functions via smartphone.

Beautiful, American advances: Quinn was worried about Eric, who instead …

What worried Quinn was the arrhythmias that occurred whenever Eric went to his sports club: in short, Fuller fears that at her age her husband is overdoing physical activity, but what she still does not know is the real cause. that accelerates the stylist’s heartbeat …

Surprised by his wife’s fears about the increasingly frequent visits to the club, Eric was able to solve the questions of Quinn and Bridget, who, grateful to her stepmother for taking an interest in the health of her father no longer very young, has agreed to keep the secret of the technological ring. Eric, therefore, has no idea that his mistress is monitoring him!

Beautiful, US spoiler: Eric caught in bed with Donna Logan

The man’s downfall, however, will not be caused by the particular jewel given to him by his wife, but by a lunch that Fuller will have with Bridget at the club. Thanks to a waiter, Quinn discovers that the pickleball court (a variation of tennis that is Eric’s new hobby) has been closed for work for some time and, as a result, Fuller realizes that Eric has for some reason. lied about his activities.

Eager to get to the bottom of it, Quinn interrogates the attendant, discovering that her husband always uses a cottage on the property. Accompanied by Bridget, the two women will be shocked when they find themselves pecked Eric in bed with Donna!

Beautiful, American news: Quinn will be furious with Eric

Needless to say, Quinn will be furious! As her interpreter explains, Rena Soferthe designer will feel she has every right to feel teased and to disgust her will be the lies that her husband has been feeding her for some time, while she was trying to rebuild their relationship:

This is not an eye for an eye, for Quinn her story with Carter was totally different: she had not looked for a lover, but it was Eric’s attitude that created distance between them, turning the friendship with Carter into something else. Eric, on the other hand, has a wife who would be dying to spend time with him and who is trying to please him in everything to make things work between them. While he ignores her and does what she wants.

Not insignificant, for Quinn, will also be the identity of the lover: “The fact that of all of them he cheated on her with Donna will be salt on the wound“, Underlined Sofer.

Will betrayal awaken Quinn’s darkest instincts? Still impossible to know, but for years, apart from the trap against Ridge and Brooke Forrester, Fuller from the dark lady has been transformed into the typical soap opera heroine, struggling with love dramas: the long relationship with Eric, the crush for stepson Ridge and then love for Carter. Hard to think that they make her character reverse and, in fact, him spoiler for the next few weeks they report that Quinn, believing she has lost her true loves (her husband and Carter), will embark on a “comical journey” in the name of true love.

It is too early to understand what it will be exactly: maybe she will reunite with Carter, just now that he will be determined to forget her with Paris? Meanwhile, Eric will promise Donna a bright future, evidently legitimizing what for now had seemed a simple affair.

Will we then see two couples forming, Eric and Donna on one side and Carter and Quinn on the other? And what will happen next? Will the affair continue or will these two relationships be overshadowed, waiting for them to be questioned for new exchanges?

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