Beautiful, the previews of the episodes from 13 to 19 June 2022

Beautiful, the previews of the episodes from 13 to 19 June 2022
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After Vinny’s death, the protagonists of the soap are shocked: this is what will happen in the new episodes aired every afternoon on Channel 5

Source: Mediaset Press Office

A new week begins and, as always, that means that up Channel 5 new episodes of Beautiful, the longest running soap opera ever and undoubtedly the most followed by Italians. Here is what we should expect in the episodes broadcast on the Mediaset flagship network between 13 and 19 June 2022.

Monday 13 June

Hope talks to Liam about Vinny’s death: she can’t believe that despite everything he still feels all that anger in his regards. Zoe asks Carter to forgive her: he, however, wants to be alone. Quinn offers how mediator between two. Carter meets Paris and Zende, who are talking about him and Zoe: the first of her tries to defend her sister, but he doesn’t want to know. Liam, meanwhile, is haunted by the ghost Vinny’s: she believes she saw him, and that he predicted that he will pay her for not helping him. Thomas, meanwhile, is joined by the police.

Tuesday 14th June

Thomas ends up among the investigated: His motive may be anger at discovering that Vinny had tampered with Steffy’s DNA test. Carter refuses to listen to Quinn; Eric arrives and Quinn offers him a romantic dinner, but he doesn’t want to know. Paris, meanwhile, discovers that her sister has become friends with Quinn’s: Zoe tells her that the latter is helping her to win back Carter. Liam agrees to see Hope about her again: when he comes to her, he sees that Baker is talking to Thomas.

Wednesday 15th June

Liam is with Hope and Thomas: the latter is angry because the police have not yet arrested themurderer by Vinny. He thus decides to to investigate alone to find the culprit. Ridge realizes that Eric is no longer happy with Quinn, and tries to help him. Meanwhile, Zoe confides in Ridge that she is grieving for Carter and wants to win him back. Carter decides to confide in Quinn, and she admits to being in a crisis with Eric: it seems that he is moving away.

Thursday 16th June

When Thomas says he wants to find Vinny’s killer, Liam reacts strangely, and Hope notices it; but he doesn’t speak. Zoe asks Eric to help and mediate with Carter, while Quinn confides to the latter that Eric no longer looks at her as he used to. Quinn then assures him that Zoe has long since left Zende behind her, but he doesn’t believe her. Meanwhile, Quinn receives a phone call from Zoe, but when Carter appears shirtless in front of her, he suddenly forgets about his friend.

Friday 17 June

Hope tries to get Liam to talk, but Bill arrives asking to see his son right away: he tells Hope that the boy is still. suffering for Steffy, and that he needs time to recover. Eric talks to Ridge about his problems with Quinn; there is no more passion between them. Quinn herself, meanwhile, greets Carter promising him that they will have other opportunities to confide in each other. She then talks to her husband, pointing out that a lack of passion is not a good sign for their relationship.

Saturday 18th June

Bill understands when Liam is in pain, but tells him he has to forget the accident if he wants to go back to Hope. Ridge comes to Thomas and Hope, and talks to them about Vinny’s death: he wants the police to catch the culprit, and Thomas confesses that he wants to investigate on his own. Hope then confides to Thomas that she is upset for what is happening to Liam, and that he can no longer understand it: Forrester is convinced that there is a logical explanation for all of this.

Sunday 19 June

Zoe talks to Carter again to see if he can change idea. Quinn, meanwhile, reveals to Eric how much she misses being close to him: the latter, however, prefers to be alone. Quinn then decides to give him one surprise, joining him in bed, but he rejects her: he wants to go back to being as before, but he can’t forget what happened at Ridge and Brooke’s wedding. She doesn’t give up, and explains how much she would like to go back to their old relationship, but he doesn’t seem to give in.

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