Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino in crisis? The mother-in-law clarifies everything


Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino in crisis?  The mother-in-law clarifies everything
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Stefano is at home

If Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino go in love and get along or are in crisis, we cannot know for sure. But the TV presenter certainly frequents the showgirl’s Milanese apartment, sharing moments of ordinary everyday life with her. This is demonstrated by the mother-in-law Veronica Cozzani who, in love with her grandchildren Luna Marì and Santiago, often films and photographs them and publishes her images on her profile. And precisely in one of these shots in which Rodriguez’s second child is seen in the foreground, Stefano can be seen in the background intent on looking at his cell phone, sitting at the table. The conductor clearly appears to be relaxing in Belen’s home and nothing suggests bad moods, on the contrary! The rumors about an alleged crisis between the two arose in recent days after he appeared on TV during an evening host and she did not publish Stories about it. Usually, in fact, on the occasion of De Martino’s professional commitments on the small screen, Belen posts glimpses of the TV or comments addressed to her husband. Perhaps, this social silence is simply due to the fact that Rodriguez had other things to do than post that evening!

Belen and Stefano on social media

Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino have accustomed fans to exchanges of love on each other’s Instagram profiles and intimate paparazzi. Above all from Christmas, when even the conductor, more reluctant to let himself go to photos and social statements, published a sweet image of his wife on the Neapolitan cliff, where the family spent the holidays. And so now a missed post from Belen on Stefano on TV was enough to unleash the gossips.

They learned their lesson

It now seems clear that Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino are serious. Their umpteenth flashback is something consolidated because the couple has treasured what they have gone through in the past: after the wedding in 2013 and two separations, they are now aware of love. “When we got together for the first time he was 22 and I was 26: we were two kids, famous to boot. We were entering a mechanism of which we had no idea. We weren’t two in the couple, we were thousands: the paparazzi at home every day, the morbidity of people who wanted to know, we lived in a tunnel of predators. I think that we left was the most natural thing that could have happened,” Belen had said.

Veronica’s dig

Veronica Cozzani, mother of Belen Rodriguez, is always present in the life of her daughters, like the whole Rodriguez clan. Ignazio Moser tells it, who in a few months will marry Cecilia Rodriguez. Speaking about the future mother-in-law he said: “I also have a particular thing to tell you about Cecilia’s mother. Yes, that’s a nice thing she’s told me over and over again and it feels like a warning. She looked at me and said: all the boys who dumped my girls then regretted it and in fact somehow always came back. So I hope it never crosses your mind to do that.” Was the reference to Stefano De Martino? A word to the good connoisseur…

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