Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, the escape of love and desire: “She wants another child”


Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, the escape of love and desire: “She wants another child”
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Belen Rodriguez And Stefano De Martino are definitely one of the positive notes of the Gossip of this summer. Among a thousand breakups and separations, their reunion years later is an ode tolove, the true one. The one that never sets even in the face of obstacles and errors. And now the two are ready to crown their love story with a new son. Above all, Belen seems ready to have the third son.

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The anti Totti and Ilary

In the period in which the Gossip lives on the separation between Francesco Totti And Ilary Blasi who have said enough to a relationship that lasted 20 years, Belen Rodriguez And Stefano De Martino they are back together and are more inseparable than ever. Despite the quarrels, breakups and new partners, the couple just can’t break up. The two got back together for the second time last winter and tried to keep a low profile for the first few months. Now the Neapolitan conductor and the Argentine showgirl are no longer hiding and have been paparazzi in Ponza by the photographers of Chi. The umpteenth love escape away from everyone, to fully enjoy time together in the crystalline waters of the island.

“He wants her another child”

But the truth scoop and another. Certainly not a romantic getaway in the middle of summer on a yacht in the middle of the sea. It seems, in fact, that Belen Rodriguez is ready to have a third child from Stefano De Martino. After Santiago, with Stefano, and Luna Marì, born from the love already concluded with Antonino Spinalbese, here the Argentine showgirl would like to be the mother of her Stefano again. “You said you wanted the third child. Belen has a future to build. The showgirl, last April, confessed to Silvia Toffanin, to Verissimo, of wanting a third child. At that time his story with De Martino had already begun again. So it was no coincidence – reveals the weekly Chi -. Stefano has a very protective attitude towards Belen, Rodriguez transforms when she sees De Martino, she is like an elixir of beauty and eternal youth. And she doesn’t like women who get too big with him, not because she’s afraid he might cheat on her, but because she considers it a lack of respect for her. ” And Stefano De Martino also seems to have the same intentions.

Stefano’s will

“How’s the relationship with Belen? I haven’t talked about this for years now, because I realized on my skin that it is better not to say more things. So much they already write a lot in the media. I can say what will be will be and that’s fine – De Martino revealed to Verissimo -. If I want to other children now? Of course I’d like to, but now I know it’s challenging. Let’s say that now I would think about it more than in the past. Having a child is a wonderful thing, but also a very big one. To tell the truth, I imagine myself the father of several children, but these are things that need to be thought very well. I am certainly happy that now we fathers are free and not pigeonholed into the role of those who dictate the rules ». A declaration of intent when the love affairs of the two were not yet in the sunlight. And therefore it would not be surprising if the sweet news arrived soon.

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