Berlusconi to the Monza players: “For you a coach of tr… if you win with Juve”. M5S: “And what does Meloni say?”


Berlusconi to the Monza players: “For you a coach of tr… if you win with Juve”.  M5S: “And what does Meloni say?”
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The patron of the red and white and leader of Forza Italia with his phrase to motivate the players triggers the controversy. Appendino (M5S): “I ask Giorgia Meloni what the first female prime minister thinks of this revolting vulgarity”

Silvio Berlusconi was at the Christmas dinner at the U-Power Stadium in Monza on Tuesday evening with the sponsors and his team: «A special evening with my AC Monza. I met the team, the club and the sponsors to exchange Christmas greetings. This has been an amazing year: we performed the miracle of going to Serie A and we won’t stop. Let’s spend these holidays and then get back on the pitch.” The leader of Forza Italia, patron of the red and white team, added: «Mr. Adriano Galliani is very ambitious and has begun to put it in my head that we must win the championship. We have a strong group, an excellent coach and ambitious goals». Then, under the gaze of his partner Martha Fascina – immortalized by a video that ended up on the Net – the phrase to “motivate” the players to win: “We have found a good, nice, kind coach, capable of stimulating our boys. I added extra stimulation because I said to the guys who have come here now: “Now you have Milan, Juventus, etc… ..”», said the former prime minister, unleashing applause and laughter.


Berlusconi also spoke of politics: «We have said that we will bring the pension for the elderly to a thousand euros in the legislature. Well, now with the little money we have we can start bringing it to 600 euros. Then with one hundred euros a year we will have to reach one thousand euros. My idea is to reduce taxes and contributions for the hiring of young people between 18 and 34 years old. This gives all entrepreneurs and all businesses great convenience in hiring young people for a permanent contract and it doesn’t cost them as much as with the others. Today, if one gives 1,500 euros to one of his employees, it costs the company twice as much, 3,300 euros».

The reactions

Berlusconi’s “encouragement” to the Monza players did not go unnoticed. The journalist Wild Lucarelli he posted the video on Instagram commenting: “In moments president of the Republic”. On Twitter the leader of Action Charles Calenda he is lapidary: «What crap. And how sad.” On Facebook the deputy of the 5 Star Movement Chiara Appendino Giorgia Meloni directly called into question: «“If you win, I’ll bring you a bus by train…”. The miserable, but above all dangerous concepts behind this sentence by Silvio Berlusconi are so many that it is difficult even to comment on them. Now, we know Berlusconi, some will say that there is nothing new. It is a pity, however, that he and his party are part of the government majority and therefore I ask Giorgia Meloni what she, the first female prime minister, thinks of this revolting vulgarity. Shall we keep quiet and pass this message on to our daughters, Giorgia? Is it permissible that women are considered sexual objects, prizes to be delivered as if they were goods purchased at the market? I hope that President Meloni and all the women and men of Forza Italia and who make up this majority of government distance themselves and condemn these vile words spoken as if nothing had happened, in front of hundreds of people “, concluded the former mayor of Turin.

For the senator of Italy alive Daniela Sbrollini “The usual misogynistic language always comes from Berlusconi: a joke in bad taste that leaves you speechless”. The deputy of the Democratic Party also lasts Laura Boldrini: «Disgraceful words, even more ignoble if uttered by a senator of the Republic and leader of a party. vulgar sexism used as goliardia. I remember that Meloni, Salvini and Tajani wanted Berlusconi as president of the Republic”. «Senator, former Prime Minister and for months the candidate for President of the Republic of Meloni, Salvini and associates. A shame for all Italian men and women. We cannot get used to this misogyny and this vulgarity», comments the deputy head of the Alleanza Verdi and left in the Chamber Mark Grimaldi.

The tweet against the “critics”

In the evening, Berlusconi gave his reply to Twitter: «Frankly, I didn’t think, and no one could have imagined, that a simple playful and clearly paradoxical “locker room” joke, which I addressed to my Monza players, could arouse comments as malevolent as they were trivial and unrealistic. I pity these critics. Maybe it’s just their utter lack of humor that makes them so sad and yet so gratuitously mean to attack those they consider enemies. But we are at Christmas. So best wishes to them too.”

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