Beware of how much you sweat: if it is too much, it could be this ailment


Beware of how much you sweat: if it is too much, it could be this ailment
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Pay attention to how much you sweat in the summer and beyond, in addition to losing minerals and having less energy you may be suffering from a disorder. Do you want to know what it’s called?

Wet hands when shaking hands with an acquaintance or do you wear streaked clothes in areas where you sweat the most? this pathology is called hyperhidrosis.

Beware of how much you sweat: it’s called hyperhidrosis

Sweat is known to be physiological when temperatures rise and the heat makes itself felt; but there are those who sweat a lot more and it is not always normal. Indeed, this disorder also causes annoyance and embarrassment to those who suffer from it. Of hyperhidrosis suffers about 2-3% of Italians; most for an inherited disorder.

We talk about primary hyperhidrosis when to get excessively wet are the palms of the hands and feet, face or armpits.

For secondary hyperhidrosis it means the correlation with some chronic diseases (cardiac, respiratory, diabetes, gout or in many cases hyperthyroidism).

The problem is already evident in theadolescent age, with excessive sweating of the hands, then it passes to the feet, armpits and face. To identify the areas where the most sweat is produced, you can proceed with a test that measures the amount of sweat on the hands: the affected areas will appear dark.

We speak of local hyperhidrosis, symptoms of some emotional states (joy, embarrassment, anxiety, tension) and is mostly localized on the forehead or on the hands. While theexcessive sweating in the extremities it is often associated with axillary hyperhidrosis. In the latter case, the disorder is almost always an expression of emotional irritability.

Alterations of this pathology

Pathological changes in sweating include:

  • there chromiumhydrosis: when sweating is yellow and dirty clothes
  • there bromhidrosis: foul-smelling sweating due to the bacterial flora of the skin

These two do nothing but alter the state of discomfort of the subject who is affected, so it is necessary to resort to a specific treatment. What can be done?

The treatment

Since hyperhidrosis causes considerable inconvenience in the social and work environment, it is important to establish an adequate therapeutic path and some advice to be adopted.

  • clothing and cleaning: clothing with synthetic fibers that do not allow the skin to breathe should be avoided; also it is better to use long lasting deodorants, with aluminum chloride indicated for the armpits. They are put on in the evening and covered with film and then rinsed in the morning.
  • There iontophoresis, carried out in an outpatient setting, consists in connecting a low-intensity current generator to two basins of water (in which the patient’s hands or feet are immersed), or to two wet pads to be applied to the armpits or forehead. The flow of energy charges clogs the pores of the sweat glands to stop sweating, but the result varies over time.
  • Drugs: botulinum toxin is one of the pharmacological techniques adopted for the treatment of this pathology. It helps to block the sweat secretion (since the activity of the glands responsible for the production of sweat is controlled by the nervous system). The effect of the injections can last about 4-6 months.
  • Surgical interventions: if the situation is really serious, interventions are proposed to remove the sweat glands or to interrupt their sympathetic innervation.

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