Big Brother Vip 7: Ebuc’s opinion on the thirteenth episode


Big Brother Vip 7: Ebuc’s opinion on the thirteenth episode
Written by aquitodovale

The seventh edition of the Big Brother Vip promises to be “the longest ever”. For this reason we have decided to alternate our classic opinions with those of some well-known faces, to provide you with as many points of view as possible on the numerous episodes of the reality show.

If the fact that I happened to comment on the episode of Gf Vip 7 more boring than history, stuffed with stopgap films with showers and nudity where missing Big shot came, you add that I don’t think I’m that good at writing an opinion without going off topic and ending up talking about how much I miss you Agostino Penna with his pianola Casio to sing the songs a Men and womenI ask for clemency to anyone who will read the next lines.

I start immediately with a question: why?

Because I, the viewer, at each episode, when I turn on the TV after the theme song, I have to see sitting among the former competitors Geneva Lamborghini And Giovanni Ciacci? Far be it from me to endorse a media pillory against these people who have apologized, so “VERY spontaneous“. But I don’t understand why they are there.

That is, they are DISQUALIFIED, not eliminated. And a disqualification from which world and world in a reality show means that a competitor has to permanently leave the studio, right?

I would like to know what that poor blond angel thinks of this Denis Dosio who, due to a curse, was disposed of as a radioactive waste and in order to survive he was forced to make a video where he inserted an entire menu into his body Happy Meal McDonalds inserting it into orifices of the human body usually accustomed to expelling it, food.

Obviously I have not forgotten to include the name of among the names of the disqualified Elenoire Ferruzzibut for her I think a separate discussion should be made.

I begin to say that Elenoire I do not like it. Personally I believe that he is a character who, from the media point of view, works only in 2D version in the .gif format. When you start adding audio and video you already know that the blunder will be inevitable, loud and imminent.

There Ferruzzi in the weeks of stay in the Home he has strung together a series of insults and incorrect behavior to make one shudder. Starting from the attempt to pass Luca Salatino like a transphobic, trying to do an encore with Daniele Dal Moroending with the spit on the ground aimed at Nikita Pelizon.

It arises spontaneously to ask why then he is still in the studio, and the answer is soon found: Alfonso Signorini.

Alfonso Signorini is the one who chose the Ferruzziis the one who at the moment in which she had calmed down urged her to go back over the top and get a move on and I think it is always the one who without the media indignation would never have chased her away, indeed.

On the other hand I’m wrong or the director of Who is the same person who on the sacrosanct social riot in favor of Marco Bellavia he said that a depressed person should be helped and not attacked and then, a few hours later, tell a Daniele Dal Moro in the confessional something like “What pa ** and that you are, you’re always depressed. You only tell sad things and misfortunes “? Come on, we’re not sh * me.

But let’s go back to the rest of the (very boring) episode that was largely monopolized by Antonella Fiordelisi.

Here, I have mixed feelings about her. I loved her behavior during the affair Bellavia However, as the weeks went by, I began to think that she was lucky to say the right thing at the right time. It must be recognized that she is one who goes out of her way to get noticed, that she is ambitious and wants to do, but the price to pay for her has been seen tonight: to her of Edoardo Donnamaria don’t give a sling.

I see his stay in the Home like a gigantic litmus test designed to measure social satisfaction, social satisfaction that guides her in her decisions never made in the gut but always weighted for pleasure outside the Home.

In the episode she started cold with Edward and, as seen in the movies, in full external mode of Men and women where evidence and excuses are gathered to blame the other. In this case the colossal bullshit to get angry with Donnamaria it was for the joke made to Carolina Marconi to then rediscover in love when? But obviously when her father came in, and here we need to open a separate paragraph.

When Alfonso introduced the father of the Fiordelisi asking her “Who is your dad to you?“I hoped with every fiber of myself that he would answer”is what he looks for in my DMs for messages Totti and that blocks people when I scream at the cameras!“, But unfortunately it gave the typical gooey response that my brain has removed.

Having said that we want to talk about the father of Antonella? A crasis between Franco Bortuzzo and the father of one Miss America with a knife between his teeth. Not even entered after two seconds, between her lines and without even asking her what she wanted, he forced her to carry on the couple with Edward because it works outside, that everyone in the family loves it and that the kit is ready.

The icing on the cake is the “are you gaining weight huh? Follow Pamela and do some treadmill!“. But I boh. Granted that no parent should say such a thing to a daughter, let alone if your daughter has a thigh cut as high as Giusy Ferreri and placed in profile has the thickness of an A4 sheet.

Ah, for me ad Edoardo Antonella like it, and without this one-way story he would have done a beautiful one Big Brother.

And the time comes Giaele De Donà.

Oh, I don’t mind her, mainly for two reasons: the first is that the life is hers, the marriage is hers and as long as they are both consenting to me who cares if their bed is busier than the Brenner pass at Christmas? The second for what happened tonight.

See Geneva Lamborghini with the fake smile printed on him as he sweated cold as he watched Jael and Antonino under the duvet it was a guilty pleasure.

It should also be said that Jael when she saw the photos of her husband with her best friend she bleached. It is only necessary to understand if the panic was due to the fear of losing love or the yacht on the Costa Smeralda and having to fall back on the pedal boat in Riccione. But oh well, whoever lives will see.

Brackets Antonino Spinalbese beautiful thorny.

I make a necessary premise by saying that the story about his father’s death was really tough and I am sorry, but it makes no sense to write an opinion if you do not say what you think, and I think that the choice of having narrated this nefarious chapter of his life tonight was not accidental.

Antonino was to be punished, just as they were punished Sergio Volpini, Patrick Pugliese And Pasquale Laricchia for smiling at the unhappy phrases of Except Venetian then disqualified. To him instead of giving him a punishment, since he holds up several plots, they preferred to make him a sort of cleaning of the image by telling this touching past of him.

Besides, who could ever go against him after what he said? Nobody. And the affair I spit on Nikita is condoned.

Carolina Marconi if he made me smile when he accused Pamela Prati plagiarism for the piece Que I ask yousingle that has won the most Grammys from Imagine from John Lennonhe froze me when he asserted “I came here to represent that after a tumor we can go on!”Within a futile, stupid and meaningless discussion that featured a fake fringe of fake hair.

But you have to stop arrogating yourself the right to represent categories! Once the gays, once the trans, now the cancer patients. All of these are not categories, they are people, each with a life, a character and a story that cannot be represented by anyone. You are not at a negotiating table in the guise of trade union representatives.

Charlie Gnocchi I can’t stand it. He was to be hunted along with Ciacci & Co.

It’s a Armando Incarnato with the R moscia. He pontificates, judges and sentences from the top of his seat without foundations. When the moment of her surprise came I was so enraptured by everything that I went to wash some grapes, ate them and brushed my teeth hearing only a sentence from her daughter “Antonino Spinalbese keep it“. Good girl! What they find so irresistible about that boy I will never understand.

A televoting moment that saw winning as a favorite of the public Nikita Pelizon on Pamela Prati And Antonella Fiordelisi.

How much I enjoyed seeing those in the studio, reading the verdict, gnawing. Ah, Nikita is my winner. After you George Ciupilan. They are serious, they say things in the face few frills and sincere.

Between the end of the episode and the nominations in between there was a similar discussion focused on Pamela Prati.

Pamela I am beginning to believe that he is selling the pdf of the Curriculum Vitae of Anna Magnaniotherwise it is not explained how one can feel such an immortal diva when, net of everything, she danced on Channel 5 Here I ask you between the Lady Leonidas And Hammer.

Nominations to forget especially for a meaningless discussion made by Alberto De Pisis versus Daniele. Alberto more and more intent on ape Tommaso Zorzi to stay afloat and obey padron’s diktat Gentlemen to get moving and create dynamics.

In the end the nominees were Pamela Prati (who says she wants to go out, but then when they mention her she stands up like a snake), Patrizia Rossetti, George Ciupilan And Carolina Marconi.

shame on you Sonia Bruganellithis year you were doing great and you are going to make me immune Charlie Gnocchi.

What can I say, commenting on this episode was like drawing blood from a turnip and in general this edition is more artificial and scripted than all the others I have seen in years of reality militancy and I can say that more than representing the reality of the life of VIPs this program increasingly represents the fiction of show business life.

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