Big Brother Vip, Giulia Salemi: “The wedding with Pierpaolo? It will arrive when I receive …”


Big Brother Vip, Giulia Salemi: “The wedding with Pierpaolo? It will arrive when I receive …”
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The Italian-Persian influencer among the protagonists of Big Brother Vip 3 and 5, interviewed by SuperGuidaTv,

On the occasion of the Giffoni Film Festival in which he conducted the event “Giffoni Music Concept” with Nicolò De Devitiis, Giulia Salemithe Italian-Persian influencer, protagonist of the third and fifth edition of Big Brother Vipwas interviewed by SuperGuidaTvspeaking of his career on the small screen, of the relationship with Pierpaolo Pretellithe former velino he met in the Casa del Gf Vip and its future projects.

“I am living this Giffoni 2022 very well – said Giulia – I am conducting the” Giffoni Music Concept “with Nicolò De Devitiis. Every evening we are on stage trying to entertain people. It is a further step that adds to my career. to my growth path. I’m very happy, Giffoni has a special atmosphere, the environment is special. There are wonderful people and this allows us to work in harmony and harmony. I’m really happy “.

“For me it is enough to have a microphone and a stage that I am happy – continued the former gieffina – I love the 360 ​​° management. In September new projects will start,” Salotto Salemi “is back on La5 with a new cast that I do not see there. “time to announce. I work every day to try to build my future. I do a lot of apprenticeship, there is no escaping from the apprenticeship. If it is destiny, as my dreams come true. I cannot complain. I await my opportunity, in the in the meantime we study and work “.

On his relationship with fans, the Salemi spoke about “Prelemi”, the fanpage created and dedicated to the couple formed by Giulia and Pierpaolo:

“With my fans I have a wonderful relationship, indeed a greeting to everyone” The Prelemes “: I love you, you know. constant. Day after day we become more and more complementary. We understand each other, we love each other more and more. Besides, I don’t like to show off. I’m very happy and very much in love “

On the possibility of participating in a reality show as a couple, the influencer stated:

“To date I would not participate and I think so too. The wedding why not! I hate making plans, I live a lot for the day. The day that will arrive the proposal will arrive. In the meantime we live there today. At the moment I would not participate in Tale and Which Show , because I do not have the preparation and the competence. I know where I can do well and where it is not my field. If I have to play and sing I do it willingly. If I have to do a talent show I should do my best and also have the qualities , I should do a singing course first and then talk about it again. Right now I don’t have the skill in singing. I wanted to be a singer, I didn’t want to be a conductor “

There Salemi finally spoke of the Ferragni and his participation in others Sanremo Festival. A stage, that of the Ariston, which also represents a dream for the influencer:

“For Chiara Ferragni I am very happy and I wanted to share what I think in a post. If we all exist it is also thanks to her. She has given dignity and identity to this work and to the word influencer. I am very happy for her and obviously certain that I dream of that stage. It is the icing on the cake, it is the maximum goal that one can reach. But first we have to work. It is a dream that I hope will one day come true. For now we focus on concreteness “

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